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Date posted 24 February 2018
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Shadow 5.1 is the first chapter of Shadow. Everyone tries to get on the same page, Ashley connects with the group over costume ideas.


Victoria and Jessica Yamada discuss their suspicions about the therapy group; Victoria raises possibilities, but Jessica can't confirm anything. They then talk about how Victoria is doing; she considers reaching out to the therapist Jessica recommended. Victoria raises her concerns about the team and upcoming war.

The next day, Victoria wakes up from bad dreams and flies to the team's HQ to take a shower, reminiscing about Dean and her family. After preparing for the day's agenda, she flies to Cedar Point and discusses heroic intervention and the upcoming war with a resident.

Back at the team HQ, the rest of the group arrives, sans Rain, and discuss their plans for upcoming hero groups coming to Cedar Point; Chris and Ashley decide to go in. Ashley considers her heroic cape persona, before Erin and a disheveled Rain arrive, and the group gets down to business.

Major EventsEdit

  • Victoria and Jessica have growing suspicions about the therapy group.
  • Ashley considers the name Swansong and various costume ideas for her hero identity.


  • This chapter explores the impact of Hair on powers.


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