Sere is a dry member of the Protectorate.

Personality & ReputationEdit

Sere was only somewhat known in Brockton Bay.[1] Taylor had once seen a cell-phone video of him brutally taking down a number of criminals using his power.[2]


Sere's costume consists of white desert-tribal style robes with fine patterning on them. His mask was a featureless plate with light blue lenses over the eyes. He is surrounded by a pale nimbus of mist that he draws out with his power.[3]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Sere has the ability to violently draw in moisture from his environment,[4] allowing him to stun[5] or kill his targets.[6] This ability ignored forcefields and armor.[4] This limited hydrokinesis, which is conversely not Manton-limited, was effectively targeted dehydration. It was highly dangerous to Skitter's swarm,[7] which he was meant to be a counter to.

Sere can use his power in a long tight cone-shaped "blast"[6] or in a tight field around him.[8] The moisture he extracts remains floating around him.[9]


Story StartEdit

Sere was one of the free-floating capes in the area around Brockton Bay.[10]


Sere was specifically recruited to Brockton bay as a counter for Skitter's abilities.[11] He guarded Arcadia High alongside Adamant when students were going there to get early admission and instruction. He was caught and wrapped up by Skitter when Director Tagg ordered Dragon and Defiant to capture the teenage villain. He had some initial success but the teenage villain rapidly adapted to his abilities.[9]

He was incapacitated by Skitter again when she made a retaliatory strike on the PRT. This time he was caught before he could get out and engage the villain personally.[12]

He was there when Skitter surrendered, and helped Kid Win make drones adapted to use his abilities.[13][14] He went out on patrol with Dovetail to make sure everything was calm after Skitter surrendered,[15] and watched the announcement of Alexandria's demise along with Dovetail.[16]


  • Sere is an Old English word for dry or withered. It is a homonym for sear, which it shares a meaning with. It has no relation to the word serenity.


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