Arc 9
Chapter Count 6
Word Count 34,600
Date started
3 April 2012
Date finished
21 April 2012
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Sentinel is the ninth arc of the Worm series; preceded by Extermination and followed by Parasite. The Wards are dealing with the aftermath of an Endbringer visit and teenage drama.


Taylor's decision at the end of Arc 8 remains unclear. A series of interludes focuses on the (remaining) Wards of Brockton Bay in the week following Leviathan. Gangs growing out of control, supervillains taking over, and civilians scrambling to survive. And the Protectorate is caught in the middle.

Weld starts a new job. Stands up for himself but gets off on the wrong foot.

Flechette makes an acquaintance, intervenes in an assault and later makes a friend.

Clockblocker attends class, fights villains, and finds his place.

Kid Win doubts, fights villains and proves himself.

Vista drops off supplies, meets with Weld, and steps up.

Shadow Stalker talks to a friend, deals with stupid people, and blows off steam.



  • The arc originally called Cell, before it was changed to the current title and used for another arc.
  • There are a myriad definitions of Sentinel, they usually mean to guard and protect.
    • Given the subject of the chapter the link is rather obvious.

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