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Tim, Seir to outsiders, is an old hand of the Fallen, guiding the next generation.


Tim is mean and abusive. Chauvinist and willing to harass young girls he has an interest in.[1] Even kidnapping women in a forced marriage.[2]

Whether he believes in the Fallen espoused ideals is moot as he supports the families and profits from their protection.

Having accepted the Red Queen's deal,[3] Seir's neurology has been altered:[4] the defense of Shin is foremost in his mind though not strictly obedience to his new monarch.[5]


Rain's family[]

Hated Rain's family and this extended to Rain himself[6]


Tim is a large man who shows his allegiance with his Fallen tattoos and his age by the gray in his hair, pounch, and double chins.[7]

When acting as a cape Tim wears a mask made from a flayed horse head. The effect is morbid and unsettling.[8] When operating as Seir he has been known to wear dark vests and pants, wrapping chains around his bare arms.[9] Later: hides and robes.[10]

Abilities and Powers[]

Seir's ability is two-fold. First, he noisily blasts out shadowy lines, where these strands land, on any surface, silhouettes made of shadow appear.[9] The connective lines count as living tissue for some powers under the Manton Effect.[11] As long as clones are created, and there can be as many as twelve, possibly more, Seir is able to swap places with the clones. Further, these clones can act independently of Seir, presumably following his directions and general intent.



Grew up in the Fallen, with all the mayhem and petty squabble that entails.[9]

He kidnapped a woman and had her be his "wife" for an indeterminate amount of time. Likely because of this and other actions he was assigned a kill order.[2]

Post-Gold Morning[]

Tim was one of the oldest Fallen members left, presumably, his status was higher in the surviving group. Because of the blanket amnesty, Seir's kill order was rescinded.


Took a leading part in the Mall fire that resulted in a group trigger.[12]


Tried to keep his nephew in the Fallen even when evidence pointed toward him moving away from the group. Came onto Erin as well.

Took part in the defense of the Mathers compound against invaders. His effectiveness was increased with the help of Ahrima.[13]

Post-Fallen Fall[]

Was captured and send to a parahuman prison camp with the rest of especially dangerous Fallen.[14][15] Following the prison's destruction he departed to Earth Shin and received loyalty imprinting from The Red Queen.[5]

Post-Attack on Teacher[]

Seir was present during The Second Shin Crisis, and prioritized attacking Rain.[10]


  • Seir is a Prince of hell from classical demonology, depicted as a beautiful man riding a Horse.[1]


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