Captain Sean Gilpatrick is an instructor at Wayfair High School. He operates a patrol group program for high school students (as well as refugees without an education) that aids and supports situations relating to capes.


In front of students, his personality is that of a member of ex-military—hard, stern, and with a lack of compassion.[2] He made it his objective to make people quit; Jasper summarized his speech to the students as that "he isn’t going to pay anyone, job prospects suck, and he’s going to make people march in the heat and the cold for miles while carrying unreasonable burdens."[3] In combat, Gilpatrick is serious, transforming into a soldier.[4] However, outside of this context, he is amiable and got along well with his squad captains. Victoria described him as 'likable'; Looksee got the same impression of him.[5]

He tends to sympathize with Parahumans, yet the crime-related part of his work weighs on him.[6]


Victoria DallonEdit

Gilpatrick considers Victoria a friend.[7] He respects and believes in her, and comes to her for advice and help.[8] After revealing her 'test' at the Norfair Community Center, he reluctantly fired her, but promised to vouch for her and apologized profusely for putting her in that situation.[9] He expressed considerable concern for Victoria when she asked to stay the night at the patrol block's office.[10] He didn't push when Victoria said she didn't want to talk about things, though.[11]

Victoria saw him as one of her close allies, along with Crystal and Jessica Yamada.[12]


At his job, he wears a black t-shirt and gray pants with boots. He is bald with a five o’clock shadow, bushy eyebrows, and thick hair on thick forearms. Gilpatrick looked like he was trying to scare his prospects away.[2]



He worked as a PRT squad leader and squaddie in New Hampshire state for some time.[13] He attempted to recruit Lucky Break and dealt with his subsequent death and the consequences of unnamed master, that produced "cage people".[6]

Post-Gold MorningEdit

Gilpatrick is first seen at a high school assembly for students looking for job prospects. After his speech, he sends Victoria on an assignment, against her better judgement, to keep the peace between a newly announced hero group featuring Fume Hood and anti-cape protesters.[14] This assignment was destined to cause conflict even before being ambushed by a mercenary group.[15]

During the assignment, Victoria discovered that Gilpatrick was forced to prove that she could be trusted. He did this by assigning her with 'objective' observers, Mar and Landon for three or four routine jobs.[16] They would make sure she stuck to the rules, presumably after officials discovered she was a cape.[15] As Victoria had revealed herself to be a cape amidst the assignment, he was forced to fire her, but offered to vouch for her in the future.[9]

Later that day, Victoria returned to Gilpatrick's office and asked if she could stay in it for the night, following a disastrous family reunion barbecue. Concerned about her, he allowed her to, even offering for her to stay at his apartment, though she turned this offer down.[17] The next morning, he talked to her as she packed up her things, and invited Jessica Yamada over to see Victoria.[18]

Gilpatrick and the patrol block were present at the assault on the Mathers compound, where they formed a perimeter around the camp to deal with evacuating civilians.[19] Ashley turned herself in to the patrol block after she snapped earlier in the battle, and asked for Gilpatrick's permission to fight, but he refused to do so, stating that she didn't need it, and that he would testify for her as to how she handled the situation.[20]

Post-Fallen FallEdit

Gilpatrick survived the portal sabotage.[21]

The Ice BreaksEdit

Met Victoria Dallon at the old Fallen camp, while delivering one of Dragon's guns to her.[22]

He joined volunteers venturing into The Shardspace by agreeing to accompany Rain into his dreamscape.[23] While in the dream room, Gilpatrick suffered an emotional attack at the hands of Love Lost's shard avatar, and triggered together with his fellow patrol officers as a result.[6][1] He recovered the wounded Liz Marcial from the cluster room and inspired Rain to send a message to Contessa.[24]


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