Scrub is a former recruit of the Merchants, who eventually settled with Faultline's Crew.


He fell prey to the strength and protection that the Merchants offered. May have issues with communication.[8]


Seems to care more for people's actions than their intent, choosing to offer his Cauldron vial to Doug, who tried to pull him out of the melee, over Rick, who did not even try.[9]


As a result of his trigger Scrub has white hair that has traces of white smoke coming out of it. This smoke also billows from his eyes, ears, nose, and mouth, along with a glow emanating from the mouth.[10][11]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Scrub's power creates essentially un-aimed spherical holes in his surroundings, cutting through anything they hit, although they seem to leave the ground untouched. Tattletale speculates that his power works via Portal Cuts — he chooses spherical volumes, and their contents are replaced with the contents of the corresponding sphere on an alternate Earth with similar geography, architecture, etc.[12][13] The blasts created are due to differences in atmospheric pressures between the two worlds.[3] He can kick his power up a notch increasing the frequency of his manifestations.[14]

The amount of capes around him when Scrub triggers contributed to him manifesting a mild trump aspect to his power, able to negate many power-based defenses.[7]

Scrub belongs to the "can maim Alexandria" club,[15] as he is an All-or-nothing threat.



Attended a party at the dilapidated mall and triggered in the midst of one of the gladiatorial combat orchestrated by Skidmark[11][10]. He did not have control of his abilities after triggering and this was not helped by being suddenly attacked by Shamrock as part of Faultline's assault on the Merchants.

He survived the Slaughterhouse Nine's decimation of the Merchants and was able to temporarily disable Crawler[16], but he still had not gained control of his abilities.[17]

Post-Slaughterhouse NineEdit

After this, Scrub fell in with Ballistic's crew, indirectly serving Coil. With the falling out between Ballistic's employer and the Undersiders, and the subsequent release of the Travelers fifth member things turned out badly, Scrub was captured by the PRT. Eventually during the Echidna Crisis Tattletale convinced him to work with Labyrinth and together they created a portal[18], with which Travelers went back to Earth Aleph and then linked Earth Bet with Earth Gimel, providing first accessible interdimensional portal between worlds.


Started opening inter-dimensional portals with Labyrinth as part of a duo[19]. His time with Faultline's crew seems to have become a long-term enterprise.[13]

Gold MorningEdit

Collected by Khepri from Faultline's Crew along with Labyrinth for the final attack against Scion, as a duo replacing Doormaker after his power has run out, to create portals and collect capes.[20]


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    I didn’t have the portal man, but I did have this as a means of traveling sideways, like Scion could travel in this direction that wasn’t up or down, left, right, forward or back. - Excerpt from Speck 30.6

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