Scraping is a cape with an unusual body living in Earth Gimel.


Around 75% of Scraping's flesh has been flayed, stretched out, then reattached in folds and arrangements in a way that resembles the overlapping petals of a rose. Where his skin isn't flayed, the flesh is badly damaged in a way that looks sandpapered.

He is Asian, with Chinese features, medium-long, straight hair, and he wears bandages.[1]



Post-Time Bubble PopEdit

Scraping started working with Semiramis alongside Engel and Egg, with the idea that they would introduce Case 53s into the mainstream through the media. Scraping is not a Case 53, but his body is sufficiently unique that the idea stays the same. However, Teacher interfered and subtly let the trio know that Big Picture would be involved, which made them uncomfortable enough to back out.

This later led Victoria, Tattletale, and Sveta into meeting the trio, in search of information on Teachers plans. As consequence, they had to be hidden in Wardens Bunker to evade Teachers attention.[2]


  1. Where Engel was an assault of pleasures to all the wrong senses, Scraping was visceral. Maybe seventy-five percent of his flesh had been flayed, seemingly stretched out, then reattached in folds and arrangements. It looked as though he’d had an artist do it, because the way flesh came together made me think of the overlapping petals of a rose. Here, however, the flayed flesh was used to create accents. Pockets and slivers of crimson against a backdrop of white with inflamed pink edges.

    Where he wasn’t flayed, his flesh was badly damaged, like it had been sandpapered or he’d been dangled out of a car and held against the road while the car raced along. He had an Asian cast to his features, and with how he was built and how square his face was, I was guessing he was Chinese. His hair was styled medium-long and straight, his high-quality clothes were chosen to fit the style he wore his flayed skin, black and pinstriped with the ‘ruffles’ of flesh serving in much the same way one might wear a ruffled shirt. Bandages wrapped a part around his neck that I was guessing had been freshly done. - Excerpt from Black 13.10
  2. Breaking 14.2
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