Sanguine was a Case 53[2] and member of the Irregulars.[3]


Sanguine had red hair and skin.[3][2] with a texture and color like clotted blood. [4]


Sanguine had a blood-like power of unknown functionality. When seen in the Battle against Leviathan, he was among the contingent that could hurt the Endbringer but not withstand its blows in turn.[5]

One of its side benefits allowed him to function as a healer of sorts with a blood control power. He could draw blood out of people, do something to it - Taylor speculated he was cleaning it - and put it back in. He could create enormous blood clots the size of fists to cover people's wounds.[4]


Background Edit

Sanguine was a Case 53 lucky enough to be found by the Protectorate before he fell on the wrong side of the justice system.[1]

Story StartEdit

A character with "crimson skin", likely Sanguine, fought in the Battle against Leviathan in Brockton Bay.[5]

Post-Slaughterhouse NineEdit

Sanguine showed up for the Battle against Echidna and would later join the Irregulars following the revelations in the battle.

Gold MorningEdit

He distinguished himself during the oil-rig battle by using his abilities to provide needed first aid to injured capes.[4]

During the invasion of Cauldron's Base Sanguine was one of the Irregulars who despaired in the fight against Zion and tried to take more immediate vengeance against the clandestine organization that made him into a monster. [6]


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