San Diego is a major city on the West Coast of United States of America.

Geography & ClimateEdit

Dry and desert.


San Diego is home to PRT department eight[1] and has one of the more prominent Protectorate teams in the United States.[2] Thanks to its Wards training school San Diego is home to relatively large Wards team, both a stable group of exemplary members and itinerant or visiting Wards.[3]

The San Diego department lost many members in the wake of the Echidna-incident, both those who lost faith in the Protectorate and those who were transferred to shore up other teams, as San Diego was in a stable position.[4]

Name Description
Spire Team leader. Declines to attend the Behemoth fight in New Delhi because of his missing team members, having cold feet at the last second.[4]
Prefab A large man with shoulderpads that look like the tower-tops of a castle, carrying a heavy tinker-tech cannon.[5] Able to create crenellated walls, extending fifteen up, although needs a large amount of time to set them up.[6] Joins in protecting Pretender.[7]
Fisherboy Team captain who did not attend the Second Brockton Bay event.[8] Unknown power
Gully An eight foot tall[9] case 53, hunched over because of her overabundance of muscle,[10] with a severe underbite and distorted teeth.[9] Repeatedly passed over for promotions to team leader, largely due to her monstrous nature.[9] Maintains braids that hang to the ground, and carries a shovel, though it isn’t necessary for her earth-manipulation.[9] Leaves the Wards to join the Irregulars.[9]
Scapegoat Wears robes and a goat mask with a circlet. Can accept the wounds of others and transfer them to touched foes in a somewhat drawn-out process.[11]
Wanton Able to turn himself into a storm of telekinetic energy, picking up debris and loose items and having it all orbit a central point.[12] Mentored by Gully. Transferred to Chicago to work under Tecton.[13]
Unnamed Chicago Ward Mentored by Gully before serving as a Ward under Tecton in Chicago.[13]
Archer Twins Twin bowmen that come to the Echidna fight[14] but do not come up again.[15]

Wards Training SchoolEdit

The department has a large Wards training center, offering several months of training during the summer.[16] Wards are typically sent there to learn how to fight [17] It had students like Shadow Stalker and Optics.[18] They get an introduction to cape politics there.[19]


  • San Diego is right across the US-Mexico border from Tijuana.


  1. The largest 65 cities in the United States host individual departments as of 2012. They are numbered accordingly, in order of decreasing size.
    8 San Diego - PRT Master Reference
  2. And he couldn’t help but notice the gaps. San Diego, Vegas, Brockton Bay. Three of the more prominent teams in the United States.

    Defiant, Dragon and Weaver were among the last to arrive. They joined the unofficial capes who’d filled the void that should have been occupied by the San Diego capes.

    “The ships have all arrived,” Chevalier said, breaking the silence, starting his speech. - Excerpt from Interlude 24.x
  3. I've dropped WoG on it, but San Diego is a Wards training ground. Wards will travel there for the summer for training and troublesome Wards will get sent there in hopes of getting straightened out. There's a high proportion of Wards, both a stable group (of good sorts who are hoped to be good examples) and itinerant or visiting Wards. - reddit comment by Wildbow.
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    Except that Spire, San Diego’s team leader, hadn’t felt confident walking into the fight. There’d been the human element, the fears, the concerns. He’d had cold feet at the last second, decided not to come. An integral part of their defense, gone, forcing them to adapt. - Excerpt from Interlude 24.x
  5. The elevator doors opened for Rime to exit, then shut. The three of us continued up to the roof. Prefab was large, and his armor made him look larger, with shoulderpads that looked like the tower-tops of a castle, each probably weighing twice as much as my entire outfit, equipment included. He carried a heavy cannon, obviously tinker made. - Excerpt from Drone 23.2
  6. Prefab was the last to step inside, slowing down as he approached the ramp. I could see light glittering around the edges of the roof, growing more intense over the course of seconds. Ten, fifteen seconds passed, until there was more of the light than there were spaces in between. The light was most intense near the edges.

    In a clap of thunder, a rush of wind and a flare of… anti-sparks, crenellated walls appeared, extending fifteen feet up from the lip of the roof’s edge. The sparks, such as they were, were black at their core, surrounded by shadow. They spun in the air before drifting to the ground, where they flickered out of existence.

    “Does that block his line of sight? I can make them taller,” Prefab said. - Excerpt from Drone 23.2
  7. “Counting coup?” Leister asked. He was the sole subordinate that Vantage had brought along. Rime, by contrast, had brought Usher and Arbiter from her team. Prefab from San Diego had shown up as well. - Excerpt from Drone 23.2
  8. “Speak for yourself,” Tecton said, gesturing toward her captives. “Where’s Fisherboy?”

    “The captain’s sitting this one out. I’m in charge for this mission.” - Scourge 19.3
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    • Gully – Once a member of San Diego’s Wards team, Gully was repeatedly passed over for promotions to team leader, largely due to her monstrous nature. Gully is muscular to the point of being grotesque, eight feet tall, but hunched over, with distorted teeth and a severe underbite. She maintains braids that hang to the ground, and carries a shovel, though it isn’t necessary to use her earth-manipulation powers. - Cast (In Depth)
  10. Gully – A monstrous parahuman based in San Diego, Gully has an overabundance of muscle, to the point that she hunches over, and a severe underbite. She can manipulate earth. - Cast
  11. Scapegoat – A cape hailing from San Diego, Scapegoat wears robes and a goat mask with a circlet. Can accept the wounds of others and transfer them to touched foes, in a somewhat drawn-out process. - Cast
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    “Not a problem,” Tattletale said. I nodded an agreement. - Excerpt from Scourge 19.3
  14. a boy and girl each with shortbows and headbands with a bull’s and ram’s horns, and an eight-foot tall hulk of a girl with a muscular physique that had to be power-induced and a shovel broader than I was. - Scourge 19.3
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  17. XV: @WB Are there anything resembling cape-oriented schools/universities on Bet?

    Wildbow:San Diego is one case
    Ward training school
    San Diego is actually a neat setting. Where Sophia learned to fight, as they sent her there in hopes it would boot-camp straighten her out. Weld likely would've gone there too. - Archived on Spacebattles
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    “You were, what, nine?” Cryptid asked. “I can’t imagine you establishing any pecking order.”

    “I didn’t say I was one of those seventy percent.”

    “Oh, stars in your eyes, of course. You have that all the time.” - Excerpt from Beacon 8.1

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