Samuel Vasil is a member of the Heartbroken, and a son of notorious villain Heartbreaker.


Samuel is seen acting as a voice of reason among Heartbroken, however when he becomes unreasonable, it is unmanageable.[2][3]


A young teenager with blonde curls. Colt found him attractive.[4] Victoria thought he looked very similar to Regent.[1]

His mask and costume are black with modest silver decorations. Costume is stylized as vintage military jacket. He wears white gloves.[5]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Samuel can sense people based on their emotions.[6]

Samuel's main ability is one that allows him to very effectively break people. He has an innate knowledge of how to cut through mental defenses, and force people into giving him valid information.[7]



Had a traumatic childhood being raised by Heartbreaker, alongside his siblings.


Adopted by Imp, after the assassination of Heartbreaker.

Gold MorningEdit

Survived Gold Morning.

Assisted in bringing Nero down, alongside Imp, Juliette Vasil and Florence Vasil.[8]

Post-Goddess' TakeoverEdit

Assisted Breakthrough in a planned attack on March. They were instead ambushed by Love Lost and her group, and Samuel was shot by Colt.[9] He avoided being maimed by Cradle, as Love Lost had the decency to send the already wounded to a hospital.

Post-Time Bubble PopEdit

Fought alongside Breakthrough during the second Wardens' assault on Teacher's Compound. He was able to locate Teacher's prisoners.

Samuel was killed during the attack,[3] the one Heartbroken who Contessa predicted would die.


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