The Saltykovkoya Bratva are a cape-led offshoot of the Russian Mafia active in Anchorage. Their canonicty is uncertain.[1][2][3]

Goals and MethodsEdit

The Bratva sell hard drugs and children in America, sending money to their superiors back in Russia. As part of a larger organization, they sometimes receive backup from outside when threatened.



PRT QuestEdit

Threatened by the Elite, the Bratva tried to seize more territory in and around Anchorage, but they were defeated by the combined Anchorage PRT and forces from Seattle - Gasconade, Snubnose and Fume.


  1. PRT Quest [...] is not true canon. Some of the core cast of characters can be considered ‘true’ Wormverse characters, but it’s best not to consider it as Parahumans history.- FAQ
  2. Periastron & some of the other PRT Quest villains were player-generated via. the early Weaverdice system, and were consequently somewhat broken. I don't count PRT Quest in canon, really, or only ambiguously, for much this reason. - Archived on Spacebattles
  3. PRT Quest is canon [but] the events of the PRT Quest never happened. It was all a vision that Roullette saw and [the vision] put her in a coma, though not before writing down as much as she could. - Archived on Spacebattles
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