Saint is a black-hat hacker and the leader of the Dragonslayers.


Massively paranoid about Dragon and the damage that she could do if unbound. Tries to make sure his actions do not cause harm to others.

Though essentially addicted to Teacher's abilities, Geoff was able to hide it from his teammates.[5]


Saint is described as a tall, muscular man in his late twenties or early thirties by Taylor's reckoning. His head is shaved and he bears a faint tattoo of a cross made of animated circuits[6] upon his face.[2]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Saint has no intrinsic powers and is, therefore, technically, not a parahuman. Saint is a Tinker 0 - that is, he is someone with access to Tinker technology without having any particular power. Saint's powers - his ability to understand Dragon's code and reverse-engineer her suits - was granted purely from Teacher. [3]



While diving in Newfoundland to try and retrieve materials for survivals, he and his team came across a failsafe device left from Andrew Richter. They used this to become the dragonslayers.

Story StartEdit

Saint is aware of Dragon's true nature as an AI and has used this to defeat her in a series of nine encounters, capturing three of her armored suits on three of these occasions by exploiting her programming. He then reverse engineered the suits in order to outfit his Dragonslayers with armored suits of their own.

At some point, Saint was known to have committed murder.[7]

Post-Slaughterhouse NineEdit

Was contacted by Coil for information on how to deal with Dragon, per their rules they presumably donated the fee to charity.


Attended the Khonsu Meeting where he commented but did not provide material support.


Kills Dragon as she was about to locate him amd his team, despite her pleadings.[1] He subsumed her functions and was quickly overwhelmed, not dispatching extra Azazel's to help the Pendragon when it was in the misdt of the Ellisburg Riot.[4] Regardless he pulls out all the stops to try and prevent the End of the World, even contacting an obviously crazy woman that Dragon ignored.[8] This increased the chances that the world survived,[9] but still wasn't enough.

Gold MorningEdit

His failures led to New York taking more damage then it should have. For this and his murder of Dragon, he was apprehended by Defiant.  

Outfitted the now free Canary of the Birdcage.

In its aftermath, he was scooped up by Teacher.

Post-Time Bubble PopEdit

Saint was able to convert at least three stolen Dragoncraft to serve Teacher.[10] After applying some serious damage to the assaulting heroes all three mechas were dismantled by Antares, Precipice, Colt, Love Lost, Swansong, and Withdrawal. Speedrunners bailed out two of them.[11]


  • According to Narwhal, Saint is the only Tinker-zero on record - that is, someone with no actual powers but with access to Tinker technology.[2]


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