Russia is a country bordering the east of Europe and in the continent of Asia.


The rival to the United States of America during the Cold War.

Generally very wintry and cold, given some of the position of the country they deal with white nights where the day lasts an interminable long time.

Russia has less parahumans and less structured organization than most, so it tends to respond to Endbringer or S-Class threats with military strength more than most other countries.[1] Russian parahumans are forced and conscripted into the military, where they join a squad of soldiers, with the intention of making the soldiers force multipliers for the capes, as they become familiar with their abilities.[2]

According to Tanya Engalychev, Russians tend to view American parahumans as similar to the CUI - pushy and looking for control.[3]

There is not direct PRT counterpart in russia.[4] Instead there is a fragmented parahuman culture that mainly keeps the parahumans separated from the rest of society. Russian leaders tacitly encourage infighting among their elite troops, the Elitnaya Armiya, to prevent them taking over.[5]

Military Parahumans are left in positions of paranoid power and don't usually learn to cooperate.[6]



History largely diverges with the appearance of Scion, who stopped the Cold War.[7] His interference caused the superpowers and their MAD approach to fizzle out.[8]

However in Russia it also caused economic devastation. While initially heavily anti-parahuman, Thinker designed market reforms in the 90s made capes acceptable.[9] Leading to their incorporation into the military-industrial complex.

In a holdover from the soviet era people still turned against their neighbors. These witch hunts were one of the things that led to the formation of Red Gauntlet.


Soon though, Behemoth, in his fifth appearance, attacked Moscow,[11] destroying it.[1] In a paroxysm of xenophobic nationalism the defending forces attacked both the enbringer annd parahumans that arrived to help defend Moscow.[6] Further, before coming to rest in Mordovia, Sleeper was mobile and wandered around in the country.[12] This helped lead to the political fragmentation of the country.[1]

At some unknown point the Elitnaya had to step into the hole left by Red Gauntlet after the mercenaries decided to switch sides in the middle of a war.[7]

Russia has dealt with major fallout from Endbringers and S-Class both, lack of confidence in the government led to other groups steering the country. Such as the military-industrial complex, the criminal underworld, or parahuman overlords. These same powers make up the power behind the countries foreign policy.[1]

A terrified tentacled Case 53 was dropped in an area in or near russia, there she unintentionally killing many people,[13] her reasons for being placed is unknown.[14]

Gold MorningEdit

Things got even worse


Points of Interest Edit

  • Moldova is a bubble to contain Sleeper
  • Moscow is a giant scar from Behemoths visit.[16]
  • Saint Petersburg is presumably the new capital, for what that's worth.


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    “It’s not the worst idea,” Swansong said. “If you find people you can trust.”

    “Or forcefully conscript into military service and force into a given squad [...] I knew a cape once who was from there,” my dad said. “Joined the New York Protectorate. [...] Bunter [...] We talked about what it was like over there,” my dad said. “Maybe it applies?”

    I rubbed the hand-warmer between my hands as I thought. “Capes over there tended to break down into the ones who were conscripted, the ones who became fugitives of the state, the weird middle ground ones- [...] Almost always spies or state-supported capes [...] -and the villains who were fugitives of the state who managed to establish themselves. The whole dynamic was very anti-parahuman. Setting up capes so they rarely cooperated, each squad was primarily expected to deal with capes, whether they were home-grown or not.”

    “They’re set up to deal with us,” I said.

    “Did it work?” Moose asked.

    “The setup? Yeah. For the specialized task. When they got hit by Endbringers they turned on the people who came to help, though. For later attacks, they didn’t have the help. They ended up trying to use airplanes, tanks… but we’re digressing.”
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    Part of Scion's motivation in doing so was to prevent a scenario where the shards couldn't find hosts (for much the same reason, he would have gone out of his way to stop, say, String Theory). Part was Norton's instructions. But the countries basically realized that it wouldn't work. - Comment by Wildbow (archived on Spacebattles)
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    But even there, where do you say, “Ok, that’s the sum total of the damage done”? The disaster at Kyushu, the number of refugees seeking living space/work and the pressures on the rest of Asia’s pacific border might have led to some more unrest and tension. Some friction, some ‘small’ wars, infighting and intermingling. Refugees and immigrants.
    And I should stress that weak points aren’t necessarily just areas which are geographically vulnerable. There’s places where there’s ongoing conflict (like we might point to the middle east over the past decade), places where it takes little effort on the part of the Endbringer to deal maximum devastation (ie. a nuclear power plant, military bases) and spots where a great many resources are invested (be they great minds collected in one place or major projects like Dr. Gramme’s major projects in trying to save the world). - Comment by Wildbow on Colony 15.5

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