Tammi, also known as Rune, later Scribe, is a member of The Shepherds, and formerly of Empire Eighty-Eight.


Rune was a white supremacist,[5] a result of teenage rebellion from her immediate family (who had escaped from the Herren Clan,) leading her back into the welcoming arms of the violent clan.[4] She was pampered and accepted within the group.

On both occasions she spoke in Worm, she was vocally angry with the Undersiders,[1][6] although this may have been a coincidence. When she was younger she had issues with a stutter.[7]

Tattletale speculated that she was hoping to leave the Chosen following Hookwolf's departure.[8][6] Which she eventually did, returning to the Clans.[9]

After becoming a hero, when her past was widely revealed she was publicly silent on the entire issue,[10] later claiming that the Amnesty meant she didn't have to. She continues to display bigoted behavior if understated.[11]

She believed in the amnesty and didn't wish to apologize, believing that instead she should be given a second chance like others. This still brought her into clashes with leadership, including her own leader Moonsong[11]


Theo AndersEdit

Kaiser attempted to pair her with a then powerless Theo, no sparks emerged.[12]


Complicated. She considered him family but herself as more an aunt or grandma, rather than a younger sister as Victor thought so. Despite her abrasiveness, she did care for him and he cared for her.[13]


She respected her fellow shaker.

Victoria DallonEdit

They do not have much a relationship as they were brought up in opposing teams,[14] fighting each other on at least one occasion, and likely more.[15] This loathing seems to have had a longstanding effect on interactions between them.[16]


Rune is a teenage girl[17] with long blonde hair.[3] She is naturally athletic though she could benefit from not having a perpetual sneer.[14][12]

She wears a costume designed to make her look like a magic user.[5] Her original costume featured a black and red robe.[2] After joining Fenrir's Chosen she wore a dark blue robe with a peaked hood, edged with runes.[3]

Continuing with her cutie[14] magic aesthetic by adding a brimmed hat and a shepherd crook to complete her witch costume.[18]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Rune could touch an object to attune to it, after which point she had the ability to telekinetically move it.[17][2] She had to trace signatures onto the object with her power.[19] This process takes a few seconds,[20] up to a limit of 30 seconds.[19] The resultant object did not glow.[21]

Although Skitter believed she was limited to objects weighing up to a ton,[1] they could in fact weigh several tons each,[5] and she could also levitate lighter objects.[22] She was able to levitate pieces of rubble the size of trucks,[23][24] which were seemingly about her upper limit.[25] On one occasion, she was seen to break off a chunk of a building by using her power on it.[20] She was Manton limited to nonliving objects,[5] although people could ride on objects she moved.[25][24]

She is usually limited to two distinct objects, but can manipulate three or four with increasing penalties to her own ability to operate independently. Similar objects are easier for her to coordinate then disparate ones.[19][26]

Scribe has put years of work into being an effective communicator with a large vocabulary,[7] and has made substantial progress.[27]


After Gold Morning Scribe took to using a staff to mark down the symbols she used to focus her telekinesis. It also serves as an effective impromptu surf-stick.[27]



Rune was born a tertiary member of the Herren Clan. Her parents had broken away from the Herren Clan, but Rune's childhood rebellion dragged her back. She ended up connecting with an uncle after her parents began to have problems with their finances at the same time that she had some snags with the law. Her uncle pampered and enabled her, letting her accompany him on criminal outings that landed her in juvenile detention.[4]

As a fully indoctrinated white supremacist in the racially diverse juvenile justice system, Rune was isolated and finally triggered, breaking out in short order. Clan connections got her and her family brought to Brockton Bay by Kaiser, with monetary assistance.[4]

Story Start Edit

Her public identity was revealed by Coil along with the rest of E88.[28] She went on a rampage alongside Purity.

She then helped the city during Leviathan's attack, helping bend a barrier formed by Kaiser into a makeshift cage to hold the Endbringer after Clockblocker temporarily froze him.[29]


After Kaiser's death, she followed Hookwolf and joined Fenrir's Chosen. She was later wounded when Hookwolf was being recruited by Shatterbird, before Othala healed her.[30]

She attended the Meeting at Crater Lake with the rest of the Chosen, covered in barely-healed scratches and scars.[24]

She helped fight the Slaughterhouse Nine as part of Hookwolf's army.[20]

Post-Slaughterhouse NineEdit

After Hookwolf left with the Nine, she fought the Undersiders as part of a group including both Pure and Chosen. They were defeated and ordered to leave the city, Rune berated the Undersiders for trying to claim the entire city.[22] Tattletale speculated that she was hoping to leave the Chosen.[8][6]

At around the time of the Echidna event, Rune was among a group of Nazis operating in Boston who were giving Accord and Blasto trouble.[31] Along with Othala and Victor, Rune returned to the the clans, where the three of them were denigrated for their perceived part in the Collapse of the Empire Eighty-Eight.[32]

Gold MorningEdit

She likely had a similar experience to every other parahuman in the multiverse towards the end.

Ward Edit

Two years after Gold Morning Rune, along with Victor, was a member of The Shepherds under a different name,[33] instead of joining the Fallen as other capes with her ideological background did.[16]

Post-Goddess' TakeoverEdit

Following information about villains targeting those caught in time effects she was consulted about her former comrade Alabaster.[34]

Post-Time Bubble PopEdit

She was outed as former neo-nazi alongside Victor by Teacher, and as consequence enjoyed a enforced vacation in the Wardens Bunker.[10]

She was present during the assembly of the second team aiming for Teacher's stronghold, contributing to the discussion.[14]

Post-Attack on TeacherEdit

A few days later she was at the briefing with a small group of Shepherds, and didn't speak up when a comment by Vessel could have led to a severe misunderstanding.[26] She later showed off her small group consisting of Vessel, Accolade and Armiger.[27]

Much later after the immediate second Shin crisis Scribe passed and her group were deployed, under Moonsong, to deal with the Shin Defense Initiative. Scribe harassed Tristan Vera during the Second Shin Crisis.[11]

The Ice BreaksEdit

When the ice broke, Scribe was able to save her incapacitated teammates from freshly titanified Victor.[35]

Later in the fight, Scribe and her team managed to shove the Nemean Titan into one of the cracks in reality, removing him from the battlefield.[36] Scribe helped to save her team and multiple civilians from Titan Skadi later in the day.[37]

Chapter AppearancesEdit

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