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Ruby Dreams is a casino located just beyond the outskirts of Brockton Bay.[1]



Was subject to a heist by the Undersiders as one job in a series of escalating robberies. They robbed the casino about five weeks before their next job, where they robbed a bank.[2][3]


  • Despite popular belief, the Ruby Dreams Casino is not controlled by the ABB.[1]



  1. 1.0 1.1 "Ruby Dreams isn't even in Brockton Bay. It's one of those beyond-the-outskirts-of-the-town things. It's not Lung's and it isn't correlated." - Wildbow
  2. “The Undersiders. They’ve flown under the radar so far, but more recently, they’ve started pulling higher profile jobs. They hit the Ruby Dreams casino five weeks ago, and now they just robbed the biggest bank in Brockton Bay. This time we were lucky enough to get in their way. That means we finally have intel on their group.” - Excerpt from Interlude 3
  3. Agitation 3.3

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