Desdemona "Dez" Shelley, known publicly as Roulette, is a member of the Anchorage Wards.


Roulette has a lot of self love and has a good relationship with her parents. She is highly artistic, though this is not appreciated by her supervisors, given that this often leads her to waste the advertising budget satisfying her creativity.[2]

Roulette can be petulant and likes to change things up, injecting chaos into things.[3]

She enjoys shooting targets, and was skilled in both armed and unarmed combat (partially a result of her power offering her hours of practice in an instant), although her short stature limited her in that area.[3][4]


Has a good relationship with her parents.[5]


As she tended to take problems in stride, she was able to deal with Feint better then Auroch could.[6]


Dez is a short, dark-skinned girl, having Aboriginal and African heritage.[1] As Roulette, she wears a black and red mask and costume. She wore one half of her hair braided, the other loose.[7]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Dez is, in her words, a 'shotgun precog', viewing a number of relatively inaccurate visions.[1][8]

She views a spread of futures in a matter of moments with the number of events and the length of the viewing periods depending on the time since her last 'shotgun', her emotional state, and her degree of rest. During testing, the number of futures viewed varied from two to six and the duration varied from seconds to hours, respectively.[9] The ability hits a ceiling at the point where she is incapacitated for longer than the visions last.[10]

Capabilities and priorities Roulette observes are reasonably accurate, but events can diverge wildly. Testing conducted proved she had her best return when she was in direct combat.[10][11][3] She speculated, based on the occasional vision that featured extreme differences (such as the Moon being a different shape), that her power was observing possible worlds and then extrapolating one possible future of that possible world.[12]

Roulette's power sometimes seemed to actively work against her and her allies' attempts to figure it out, especially if she avoided combat.[12][11]



Roullete had a natural Thinker trigger event.[citation needed] She revealed her power to friends and classmates, and reached out to the PRT as well. She and her family were subsequently relocated and given new identities.[4]


After an incident where she was overprescribed sleeping pills in an attempt to to facilitate the use of her power, she was transferred to the new PRT department in Anchorage.[4]

The TimeskipEdit

She had a lengthy vision, and barely managed to scribble part of it down before she collapsed into a coma from the strain.[13]



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    So you self-harm.

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