The Rooftop Champs are a group of heroes working in the City.

Modus operandi Edit

The Rooftop Champs approached hero work with an older school mindset of being treated like the local neighborhood sports team, similar to the intent behind the Norfair Neighborhood Heroes.[1]

Members Edit

  • Alpine
  • Unnamed Tinker
  • Unnamed forcefield blaster
  • "Ms. Dragon Feathers"
  • Unnamed man with ribbon-mask


Post-Ice BreakEdit

The Rooftop Champs assisted in the fight between Titan Eve and Titan Oberon. At some point, their leader, Alpine, was killed, and the other members were gravely wounded and put out of action by the maggots formed from Eve's gas.[2]

They donated Alpine's body to Parian's puppet.[3]


  1. “All they wanted was to play up the ‘sports team’ angle of heroes, get people excited about their neighborhood heroes again. Hollow Point didn’t fit that.”

    Kind of like the Norfair Neighborhood Heroes. - Excerpt from Radiation 18.5
  2. Radiation 18.5
  3. Radiation 18.6

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