Rollo was the first animal Rachel Lindt used her power on. Unbeknownst to her, he wasn't actually a dog.[1][2]


Rollo was "hostile", but Rachel was able to earn his trust over time by giving him scraps of food she saved from her lunch. He grew increasingly agitated and unhappy kept chained up for most of the day, until Rachel couldn't play with him without him hurting her.[3]


Rachel described Rollo as "mangy".[3]


An abandoned puppy, Rachel rescued Rollo and kept him a secret from her abusive stepmother, who found the puppy and attempted to drown him. Rachel triggered and empowered Rollo.[3] Unable to control him, he killed her foster mother, maimed her foster siblings and destroyed the house.[4][3]

Chapter AppearancesEdit

Worm Chapter Appearances
1. Infestation 11.1 Absent
2. Infestation 11.2 Absent
3. Infestation 11.3 Absent
4. Infestation 11.4 Absent
5. Infestation 11.5 Absent
6. Infestation 11.6 Absent
7. Infestation 11.7 Absent
8. Infestation 11.8 Absent
a. Interlude 11a Debut
b. Interlude 11b Absent
c. Interlude 11c Absent
d. Interlude 11d Absent
e. Interlude 11e Absent
f. Interlude 11f Absent
g. Interlude 11g Absent
h. Interlude 11h Absent


  • It's likely that Rachel's power works better on wolves than dogs because of something to do with Rollo's species.[1]


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    Wildbow: Not quite, but you're on the right track. Rollo wasn't a dog. - Parahumans of the Week: Rachel Lindt (Wildbow,, 2016-02-05)
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