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Gold Morning

Rise of Khepri


June 2013


  • Taylor becomes Khepri

The Rise of Khepri is an event taking place during Gold Morning. It focuses on the rise in power of Taylor Hebert after her Corona pollentia is modified by Panacea.


Following the raid on Cauldron west African base, Taylor was given more information on how second triggers worked and how powers changed and evolved. [1]

This leads Taylor to consider the idea of removing restrictions that help regulate powers in her brain, in the hopes of gaining an advantage in the fight against Zion. She asks Bonesaw for help,[2] but Panacea decides to help instead, arguing she can do a cleaner job herself. [3]

As a result of the procedure Taylor's range of her power drops to 16 feet,[4] but she gains ability to control the parahumans within that range. She loses the ability to vocally communicate,[5] and as time goes on more and more of her personality becomes subsumed by her shard.

Events Edit

In the immediate aftermath Marquis tries to contain Taylor and send her away to a different world, until the time that the fight with Scion is complete. [6]

Taylor manages to break free and goes on to fight Scion and experiment with her powers using capes that fall under her control in the course of the fight.

She meets Glaistig Uaine and receives advice on practicing her capabilities[7], and the necessity of choosing an anchor in the face of gaining power and losing identity. [8]

She begins targeting specific parahumans that are able to assist her task, starting with Doormaker and Clairvoyant,[9] subsuming Teacher's students, the Yàngbǎn, and any still incarcerated prisoners in the Birdcage.

Looking through the available worlds she captures every available cape she can find. Including breaching into Earth Shin and the capes there. The known exceptions were Sleeper,[10] Teacher and Contessa.

Finally she confronts and captures the group actively fighting Zion, starting with Glaistig Uaine and moving on to the rest of the defending force. [11]

Aftermath Edit

With all the available forces aligned, Taylor — or as she would later be known as, Khepri[12] — turns her full attention to Zion.[13]


  • Just as with her surrender to the PRT, Taylor again shows her willingness to make important decisions without consulting those closest to her.


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