Rime is a member of the Los Angeles Protectorate. She succeeded Alexandria as team leader there.


Rime is highly professional, controlled and taciturn, with a rigid, businesslike manner. Weaver speculates that Rime's frosty demeanor might have been linked to her development of ice-based powers.[1]


Prior to assuming command of the Los Angeles Protectorate Rime was considered one of the top heroes in the organization.[2]


Rime has black hair and wears a blue skintight costume with trimmed fur on the collar.[3]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Rime creates and throws "ice fractals" that she could control the path of and expanded explosively on impact.[4] She can predetermine the size and shape of these glaciers, to such ends as forming ice armor or walls.[5]

Given her ability to fly she was able to act as a bombardier throwing down her "ice fractals" as bombs and similar.



She seemed to have had her trigger event relatively young.[6]

Post-Slaughterhouse NineEdit

Rime was deployed against Echidna under Chevalier's command, using her powers to contain Echidna and the clones in ice.[7]

She castigated Alexandria when the Triumvirate member tried to defend her crimes.[8]


After Alexandria's incapacitation, Rime took over as team leader of the Los Angeles Protectorate and second-in-command of the new Protectorate, a position she would fill in life for two months and posthumously for almost two years. She also supervised the Wards' fight against the Adepts via earbuds.[3]

Rime participated in a fight against Bambina's team alongside members of various Protectorate teams, including her own. In the ensuing confrontation, she was shot three times by the Number Man and was forced to encase herself in a column of ice after failing to make headway against her assailants.[1]

She died in the battle against Behemoth at New Delhi after attempting to encase his surroundings and body parts in ice.[6]


  • The word "rime", a homophone for "rhyme", refers to frost formed on cold objects by the rapid freezing of water vapor; to rime an object is to cover it with such frost.
  • Despite speculation, Rime was not part of the inaugural Wards team.[9]
  • Her shadow as seen by Chevalier was of her younger self, hiding her face.[6]


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