The Navigators Incident

Red Team vs Love Lost's Group



The City


Red team is captured

Damage Sustained/Casualties
  • Imp, Roman and Samuel are all shot and sent to the hospital
  • The rest of group is captured

Red Team vs Love Lost's Group marks the battle between Breakthrough, the Undersiders (with the Heartbroken), and Love Lost and her group.[1]

Prelude Edit

Breakthrough and the Undersiders decide to team up, in order to take out Love Lost, Cradle, and March. Based on Ashley's recommendations they decide to split up to attack their targets simultaneously.[2]

The 'Red Team'[3] is attempting to track down March. Instead they are ambushed by Love Lost and her group.

Battle Edit

Love Losts group catch the red team unawares, and a fight breaks out.

Colt is high on amphetamines and starts shooting indiscriminately, putting down Samuel and Roman. This provokes Florence and Imp into attacking her, which causes her to trigger. The disorientation the trigger event causes, and Colts new abilities turn the tide of the battle, and the red team is captured.

Trivia Edit

  • As the alliance was not given a name the groups are named based on the color codes used on Lookout's projector discs.[3]


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