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ReSound is a leader of the Advance Guard.


Her costume has the same coordinated design the rest of the Advance Guard has. Hers takes on the appearance of an amplifier. With circles and similar copied throughout and modifying the normal design motifs of an advance guard costume.[1] It is yellow-orange gradient.[2]

Abilities and Powers[]

She is a sound Blaster able to deafen people and destroy audio equipment. The sound she used typically moved faster than one could expect.[3]



ReSound was the spokesperson for the Advance Guards expedition into Cedar Point.

Was injured and evacuated.

Was later patched up by the groups healer, and joined in on the castigation of Spright.[4]

The Ice Breaks[]

She was mobilized alongside her team against the Titans.

ReSound told Shortcut off when he got into a verbal altercation with Antares.[5]

Resound participated in the fight against the Simurgh.[6]


  1. The costumes were distinct enough for me to recognize them before any icon came into view. Bold contrasts of light and dark, angles, armor panels, and bright colors. Masks tended to be full-face. All of it looked like they had one very tired designer working on their costumes. Cohesion to the max.

    The camera caught the icon, and it popped up in a window, blur-corrected. A figure running to the side, drawn out as a collection of triangles and irregular shapes. Their arm was out and holding an arrow-shaped shield. Others had slight variants on the same icon, to play into costume textures and other minor details.
    ReSound was the spokesman, apparently. Her outfit had a lot of circles reminiscent of records or speakers, with the depthed concentric shapes and circles of color in the center of black circles. The icon on her chest was made of crescent shapes, not triangles, with the shield being a half-circle. - Excerpt from Shadow 5.2
  2. “ReSound,” I addressed Advance Guard’s leader. She had a costume in yellow and orange gradient, with dark concentric circles and the jagged, dark lines of a typical Advance Guard costume. - Excerpt from Radiation 18.7
  3. Avant!” ReSound called out, and the sound was magnified, loud, echoing far faster than a normal echo could or should. The camera’s sound died, dissolving into crackles. Several of the Hollow Point villains covered their ears. - Excerpt from Shadow 5.2
  4. We were all gathered. Advance Guard’s group was assembled in entirety, including the supporting members of the group. I warily watched as a healer cape did his work. Flickering images overlapped as he pressed his hand down on ReSound’s shoulder.
    “You’ve never listened to me,” Flapper said, archly.

    “Or me,” Mapwright said.

    ReSound didn’t say anything, but she cleared her throat.

    Spright chuckled nervously.

    Mayday raised a finger, while Spright’s head was turned toward Flapper. Beside Spright, Signal Fire reached out to seize his arm. - Excerpt form Shadow 5.5
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