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Raymancer is a member of the Chicago Wards.


Raymancer has a jovial personality and strong leadership skills, not willing to let Tecton stay with the team when it wasn't tactically efficient.[1]


Skitter was blind when she met Raymancer, so a full description of his costume is not likely forthcoming. Her bugs could not sense the lens or beams that he generates with his power.[1]

Abilities and Powers[]

Raymancer can create innumerable energy blasts and beams, condensing and refining them to devastating effect using a lens that he projects and controls.[1][2] Tecton describes him as strong and versatile.[3] Raymancer mentions that he doesn't need a straight shot to hit his targets.[1]



A long-time member of the Chicago Wards, Raymancer shared command in a partnership with Tecton.[4] The Wards team was built around Raymancer's power, with his melee-range teammates situated to protect him as he attacked from range.[3]


Along with the rest of the Chicago Wards, Raymancer participated in the battle against Echidna and her clones along with the Undersiders.[5] During the fight, an Echidna clone of Vista blasted Raymancer with a lethal dose of radiation.[1] He later died from the resulting radiation poisoning.[4]

Chapter Appearances[]

Worm Chapter Appearances
1. Queen 18.1 Absent
2. Queen 18.2 Absent
x. Interlude 18.x Absent
3. Queen 18.3 Absent
4. Queen 18.4 Absent
y. Interlude 18.y Absent
5. Queen 18.5 Debut
6. Queen 18.6 Appears
z. Interlude 18.z Absent
7. Queen 18.7 Absent
8. Queen 18.8 Absent
f. Interlude 18.f Absent
i. Interlude 18 Absent
1. Scourge 19.1 Absent
2. Scourge 19.2 Absent
3. Scourge 19.3 Mentioned
x. Interlude 19.x Absent
4. Scourge 19.4 Absent
5. Scourge 19.5 Absent
6. Scourge 19.6 Absent
7. Scourge 19.7 Absent
y. Interlude 19.y Absent
z. Interlude 19.z Absent
1. Drone 23.1 Absent
2. Drone 23.2 Absent
3. Drone 23.3 Absent
4. Drone 23.4 Absent
5. Drone 23.5 Mentioned
x. Interlude 23 Absent
1. Crushed 24.1 Mentioned
2. Crushed 24.2 Absent
3. Crushed 24.3 Absent
4. Crushed 24.4 Absent
5. Crushed 24.5 Absent
x. Interlude 24.x Absent
y. Interlude 24.y Absent
1. Scarab 25.1 Mentioned
2. Scarab 25.2 Absent
3. Scarab 25.3 Absent
4. Scarab 25.4 Absent
5. Scarab 25.5 Absent
6. Scarab 25.6 Absent
x. Interlude 25 Absent


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