Rain O’Fire Frazier,[2] known as Precipice, or as of5 on Parahumans Online is a grab-bag cape.[3]


Rain denied that he was suffering from Kiss/Kill syndrome with the other members of his group trigger, but admitted that he would take "any help I can get" fighting them.[4]

As the only member of the chatroom group who lived outside the City, he hoped to move there as well, although there were difficulties with this plan.[5]

He went through a major shift in his personality because of his trigger.[6] Initially an angry, broken, and brainwashed member of a cult, Rain grew to see the error in his ways and felt deep regret and shame for his past actions. It was initially believed that this could have been due to cluster cape bleed-through from his cluster mates, but it was eventually proven that his shift in character was genuine.[7]


He mentioned that he knew "v. little" about multi-triggers, although he did know some.[3]

He needed help using Parahumans Online initially.[8][3]



Rain's friend Erin was good with computers and helped him research.[3] He said that he was not taking good enough care of her.[9] Heart_Shaped_Pupil speculated that this friend was the reason he had not moved to the City.[5]

Rain is in love with Erin, but unfortunately for him, the feelings are not reciprocated. Knowing this full well, Rain has still claimed that he would die for her.[10]

Mall ClusterEdit

Rain's clustermates absolutely despise him, and actively want him to die. All three have inferred that they want him to die in the most miserable and painful way they can possibly think of.

Tristan and Byron VeraEdit

Capricorn described Rain as his "best friend", and Rain agreed that they got along the best of the Chatroom group. Cap offered to travel to visit Rain and help protect him.[5] Rain claimed to be the person who knew Capricorn best.[11] Ashley also listens to him.[12]

Chris ElmanEdit

He played videogames gifted to him by Strange_Mammal.[8] Rain was devastated when he found out the secret behind Chris' identity.[13]

Kenzie MartinEdit

He described Heart_Shaped_Pupil and Strange_Mammal as "good kids".[14]

Sveta KareliaEdit

He mentioned that he was extremely happy that Kraken_in_a_Jar returned, noting that the balance of the group had been "weird" without her.[15]


Rain is a Caucasian teenager with dark dirty blonde hair dressed in heavily used clothing,[16] and perpetually healing from different scraps and cuts. He keeps his long hair, per Mama's instructions.[17] He later cut it short when he got the chance.[18]

Erin, under considerable stress, compared him favorably to Nick Cage at the same age.[19]

He was often visibly scraped and tired, to the point that Victoria thought it unusual to see him not looking beaten up.[20]

When operating as a cape he wore a raggedy, hooded costume with a metal mask like a robot.[21] He later updated his mask to resemble a circuit-board, with glowing red lines, and acquired similar gloves.[22]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Had a background of living rough and away from civilization acquiring skills not seen in urban circles,[23] and talents.[24] Regardless of this he is socially adept.[25]

Claimed his powers were fairly mediocre; a blaster power that makes people or objects he shoots with it fragile for a brief time, the tinker ability to make low-quality prosthetics, the ability to spread small amounts of guilt and doubt over an area, and a preternatural ability to catch his balance.[26]

In addition to his powers, he and the other members of his group shared dreams.

Blaster PowerEdit

Rain's primary ability was a blaster power that renders the target fragile.[27] The name of his primary shard is Cloven Stranger.[28] He creates a slightly bent blade of silver light in his hand, which curves in the air when he throws it, like a boomerang. The blades create long silver lines of fragility on the target; if the target is struck, they split along the line. This power is not Manton Limited,[29] but when it does hit a target, it will affect any covering it has before affecting the flesh, such as clothing.[30] The blades glow strong enough to be an adequate replacement for a phone light.[31]

On one occasion, he suggested that this was the only one of his abilities that got a "boost" sometimes as part of the multitrigger schedule.[32] However, this wasn't entirely true: he received a boost to this power every five days, but did get boosts to the others according to a longer, more complex schedule. On the days when his blaster power was boosted, the blades he could throw were larger, faster and more numerous, and the lines lasted 10-20% longer.[29]


Rain was able to create fragile, physically weak prosthetic limbs.[33]

He is able to perform basic maintenance on Ashley's arms but cannot completely repair them.[34]


Rain described this ability as allowing him to "catch my balance or secure my footing more easily [...] lets me turn on a dime or keep from falling over."[26] He later elaborated that it effectively let him stop and freeze in position no matter what inertia he is under.[35]

He could use it to step out of a moving train and immediately come to a dead stop on landing, or to stand on a slope without slipping.[36] It has a cool down time and can not be used continuously.[35]

Emotion PowerEdit

Rain's emotion power spread mild guilt and doubt over an area. Capricorn noted that it was possible not to notice being under its' effects.[26]

Victoria figured out that this ability could be used as a conditioning technique. That is, mistakes made while under the influence of this power seem even worse, so the people under the effect will strive even harder not to make those mistakes again.[37]

While boosted his emotion power provides feedback to him, allowing Rain to identify where people are, within the space he is using his power. It also allows him to identify people within a group who are more susceptible to the doubt, letting him subtly push their emotions and actions.[38]

Trigger GroupEdit

Main article: Rain's Cluster

Rain claims that the powers in his group wax and wane according to a complex pattern, although his are never very strong.[26] Specifically, he receives a boost to his primary power every five days, and the day after a random member of the group receives a boost to a random power.[29]

While searching for the other members of their group trigger Rain used the following keywords, among others: sever, prosthetic, emotion, acrobatics, mover power, emotion-affecting, claws.[39] One member of the multi-trigger group displayed the ability to run on walls, an emotion-affecting roar, and wielded tinker-like metal claws with which they that could tear down doors and other barricades with ease.[9] Another, Snag, displayed advanced prosthetic limbs that doubled as weapons that delivered an intense emotional "charge", and the mover ability to "leap" long distances without moving his limbs. However, Rain noted that Snag's powers would have been muddled-around that day, and his mover power was usually the strongest.[26]

Every night, every member of the group saw the others in their dreams. In the dream visions they were unmasked, and it was possible for Rain to pick up clues about the others' situations and plans.


Of5 made use of a library computer to browse the internet[3] that was located in a different town.[40] The connection was slow enough that he had difficulty using the PHO chat.[41]



His parents were early members of the Fallen, even changing his name to fit with their religious theme.[2] Originally they belonged to McVeay branch, but Rain got traded away to Mathers[42].

March speculated that of5 was a member of a recent group trigger that took place at a mall, and included a man,[43] a woman and two unidentified boys. March currently surmised[9] that of5 was one of the boys, who they nicknamed the "runt", and who the others were coordinating against.[44]

At some point he met up with the other members of the Chatroom group.


On August 20th of Y1, he used a library computer to search Parahumans Online for information on multi-triggers, making several comments on old threads whose links had been broken by Gold Morning.[39] His friend helped him with this work. When she got bored, he entered a chatroom with several other parahumans he worked with[3] and asked them for help.

He was approached online by March,[45] who offered him information on multi-triggers, and provided info and speculation regarding which group-trigger he was a part of and what the other members were up to.[44] He took seriously at least one piece of March's information, that the others of his multi-trigger were working with Tattletale.[46]

With Strange_Mammal's help, he found a news story on one member of his multi-trigger.[9]

On August 22nd, Rain mentioned in the chat that he had "some indications that some people are after me. More than they were the day before yesterday." He forcibly defused a brewing argument between Capricorn and Strange_Mammal.[47]

Heart_Shaped_Pupil discovered that Tattletale was off-world, offering of5 a reprieve from the possibilities her allies would attack him.[46] On August 23rd, he mentioned that "someone put a hit out on me ... Nothing is happening just yet" to the newly-returned Sveta.[15]


Met a new member of the team who turned out that she had met a member of his multitrigger group.

Showed up too late to take part in the training exercise but was able to corral Ashley when she had an outburst.

Panicked when his groups spying revealed that his trigger group was coming for him and planned Rain's prolonged death. He was convinced by Tristan and Byron to come clean to the rest of the group. Rain did.

Afterward he had an interview with Mama Mathers.

Met up with March in a moment of desperation, and recruited her help with the upcoming attack on the Fallen.

During the fight with The Fallen, Rain gets into a skirmish with Snag. Shortly after Snag impales himself on Rains broken tinker arms, Rain uses his power on Snag to create lines inside of Snag's body. Snag moves, thus killing himself and knocking the living cluster members unconscious.[48]

Post-Fallen fallEdit

Took part in the meeting with the Undersiders over hologram.

He turned himself in to face justice after the Portal sabotage, and was sentenced to prison along with Ashley.

Rain was mastered by Goddess alongside the rest of his team, and took part in Goddess' Takeover as a result. After her death, most prisoners followed the Red Queen to Earth Shin, but Rain stayed in Gimel and rejoined the team.

Post-Goddess' TakeoverEdit

Went on a shopping trip with his team.

Was present for the investigation into Love Losts actions in Lyme Centre.

Managed to avoid being shot in the aftermath of the Navigators Incident, and helped put up a fight against their attackers.[49]

Rain joined a team consisting of Victoria, Foil, Parian, Chastity Vasil, Candy Vasil, and Aroa Vasil to find Love Lost. They did not find her, but instead got into a conflict with a team of capes that included Lord of Loss and Nursery. Assisted Victoria in defeating Lord of Loss, by using his emotion power on her.

Trivia Edit

  • At one point, the character that would eventually become Rain, was potentially going to become the protagonist of Ward.[50]

Fanart GalleryEdit


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