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Date posted 29 January 2013
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Queen 18.4 is the fifth chapter of Queen. The PRT get moving, Eidolon and Tattletale have a little chat, and Noelle offers an ultimatum.


The elevator brings the undersiders and their hero escorters to the top floor of the PRT ENE Headquarters. They are met with the disapproving PRT deputy director and staff.

Calvert's disappearance is noted. Thee undersiders are divided up into separate rooms.

Hellhound Tattletale and Skitter are placed in a conference room with Triumph Clockblocker and Weld. Much banter ensues.

Eidolon arrives, skitter can sense it from how everyone starts fangirling. The ensuing conversation shows Tattletale can't keep a civil tongue in her head. Eidolon encloses them both in a forcefield to finish their conversation.

Other responding heroes arrive and they plot their strategy, chain of command is established. Then Noelle calls in. Important conversations happen and the first example of her power is shown.

Noelle ends the video saying that she'll turn herself in if the Undersiders are delivered to her.

Major EventsEdit

  • The Brockton Bay Wards are sent to protect Vista's family.


  • Since Noelle did not have an assigned cape name nor are her powers fully detailed she will remain as is.


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