Puma is the leader of the sponsored team known as Midas in Phoenix, Arizona. [1]


Puma was kidnapped and indoctrinated by Crane the Harmonious after his powers manifested in the same incident that killed his parents. Crane the Harmonious put him through grueling, sometimes torturous routines and exercises over the course of seven or eight years that gave him a unique, devastating fighting style.

Puma eventually left Crane the Harmonious and became the leader of a sponsored team in Phoenix, Arizona, where he developed a reputation for his extravagant lifestyle.[1]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Puma was taught a unique, devastating fighting style by Crane the Harmonious. He told others that the knowledge his powers gave him made it possible, suggesting some manner of Thinker power.[1]


It was revealed to the public at large that Puma had ties to Crane the Harmonious. It shattered his image and simultaneously pitied and treated with suspicion and joked about by late night talk-show hosts, he threatened to name the others who were also kidnapped and trained alongside him.[1]


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