Prong is a heroic member of Advance Guard.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Prong has a Striker/Master power that allows him to create a copy of himself so long as he is making contact with an enemy.[1]


Prong carries a bident, which he uses in combat.



Prong was mentioned as member of Advance Guard during the Skirmish in Cedar Point.

Post-Time Bubble PopEdit

Prong took part in the attack on Teachers base. He had knowledge on the Flock and explained what their deal is to Victoria.


  • Prong shares his cape name with a villainous mercenary who worked with Cradle.


  1. Prong was there a second later, turning from fractal energy bolt to human. He put the points of his weapon into a tinker’s gun-hand, and as he did, a copy of him appeared, impaling the thrall from behind.

    That new version of himself pulled his weapon free, simultaneously driving the butt-end of the weapon toward a tinker-thrall’s face, and that tinker raised their weapon as a shield, blocking the hit. Prong’s copy still appeared behind them, putting the points of his weapon into their calf.

    Strike, make any contact, and he got a second free hit. The original lasted only as long as both were making contact.

    With the group still recovering from Gong’s hit, Prong had the run of things. Weapon swiped out, points raking someone’s chest, and a Prong-copy appeared, pulling weapon free and away, swinging it out for another slash. - Excerpt from Dying 15.3

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