Sam, known publicly as Prism, is the second in command of the New York Protectorate team.


Although she had a high pain tolerance, she hated being injured, as it brought back memories of her trigger event.[2] After being injured by Skitter, she developed an understandable dislike of her.[3]

She was casually dating Triumph, but it was a strictly short-term arrangement. She claimed to care more about her teammate Cache than him.[2]


As one of Legend's proteges, it's likely that she was a skilled combatant who was being groomed to lead her own team.[4] Being deployed against the Slaughterhouse Nine seems to validate this assumption.

As a Brockton Bay resident, Taylor was "peripherally" aware of Prism, requiring only a reminder to remember her powers.[5] Following the Echidna incident, she was third in command of the forces defending New Delhi from Behemoth.[6]


Sam was blonde, tall and muscular.[2][7] Her costume was skintight and included a belt and mask.[2]

Abilities and PowersEdit

A Master[1] who can split herself into three temporary clones. As long as just one survives, she'll live.[5]

She can re-absorb her clones in a flash of light to enhance herself, allowing her to deal "crushing" blows to her opponents.[5] This enhanced her strength, speed and durability, and possibly other attributes.[8] However, it only lasted for a few seconds.[9]

Her clones retain the same equipment.[5] She can choose to have them materialize without such baggage, however, allowing her to escape restraints.[10] It was possible for her to accidentally bring things along she wasn't aware of; Skitter speculated that she had to consciously choose to exclude objects from being copied.[11]



Sam was coached in gymnastics by her father, a coach, who pushed her and her siblings to Olympic level. She was close to qualifying when she tore her ACL. She blamed herself for the injury and fell into a depression, staying home instead of going to the gym. Her family started to leave her out of family events. She triggered. [2]

Eventually, Sam joined the New York Protectorate.


She traveled to Brockton Bay to help fight against the Slaughterhouse Nine. She was one of the participants in the battle against Crawler.[12]

Post-Slaughterhouse NineEdit

Her friendship with Triumph segued into a casual relationship, with their third date taking place in at their house. She was targeted accidentally by Skitter and Trickster when they went to intimidate the city's Mayor (Triumph is his son.)


Following Legend's resignation, she was part of the team who helped run the Protectorate in the interim.[13] She eventually became Chevalier's second-in-command in the New York Protectorate.[14]

She participated in the meeting to determine Weaver's future, though it is unknown how her testimony was weighed.


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