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Date posted September 29, 2012
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Prey 14.8 is the eighth chapter of Prey. Bonesaw activates her city wide plague, and Skitter is caught in the effect...


Then the Undersiders split up in an attempt to get away form the mist.

Skitter lands and finds Tattletale and Grue

In the final line of the chapter 'Tattletale' and 'Grue' are revealed to be Bonesaw and Jack.


Discussed/Thought on Edit


  • Skitter's full legal name Taylor Anne Hebert is disclosed.
  • The prosopagnosia miasma is shown in the narrative to remove all means of identification, the author considered it a balancing act to make sure Skitter did not seem overly dumb.[1]


  1. Sometimes I need to think on something for a while. Let ideas steep in my head. I keep some of the more curious and interesting things as tidbits I can draw on at a later date. Prosopagnosia was one – I once considered writing a sort of modern alternate reality setting where every country had a monarchy, politics were literally cutthroat and the protagonist was a prince with prosopagnosia. The inability to recognize people.

    So it was floating somewhere around my brain over the past few weeks, and I was thinking about the plague in terms of what the Nine would choose and why (trying to meet many of the points raised by Tattletale/Skitter/Grue in the discussion at the chapter’s beginning), just sort of letting my brain free-range for things that might work, and it sort of clicked. Some research and broadening of the effect, and I settled on it (with, admittedly, a bit of nervousness that it would make Taylor appear uncharacteristically stupid – the response to the chapter so far has assuaged that worry).

    Then I thought of how it could be taken one step further. I think I was in the shower, and I just let out an evil laugh.

    I like those moments. One of the reasons I write. - Comment by Wildbow in Prey 14.8

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