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Linc[1], known publicly as Prancer is a supervillain from Alaska and former leader of the Hollow Point villain commune.


Dan Seneca speculated that, had he not triggered, he would have been nothing more than a local thug.[2] The PRT believed he was "consorting" with high-school students as young as fifteen.[3][4]

He would nag Velvet about getting rid of her beloved, battered truck, though intends to marry Velvet when things improve.[5]

Prancer has self-proclaimed salesmanship, but gets restless while keeping up 'routine'.


Prancer has a stag motif to his costume.[3] He wore a black mask that matched Velvet's, but tracing the area around his eye sockets and eyebrows, with the edges forking and extending into his hair. His costume had multiple layers, including a skintight bodysuit and pants on top.[1] It was green with gold decorations and featured a deer's head on his collarbone with the antlers extending over his shoulder.[6] Prancer has a beard.

Abilities and Powers[]

Breaker distortion or personal force-field appears to allow for greater agility, reflexes and ultimately the capability to dodge bullets, but is easily broken with even a glancing blow, taking time to reassert itself, rendering him relatively vulnerable in the interim.[3] The actual effect also distorts him, creating a blurred effect that emphasises the gold portions of his costume.[6]



Prancer triggered when he was 16. He began operated as a drug dealer, drug runner and mercenary in Anchorage before he met and fell in love with Velvet. Together, they moved to Fairbanks.[3]

He and Velvet operated primary as drug dealers at first, with their powers as a sideline. Eventually, at 27 and 26 years old respectively, he and Velvet were brought to court and sentenced to prison for their actions. In a possible timeline, they began escalating somewhat, partying harder and drawing teenagers into it. The authorities were concerned by rumours that Prancer had been sleeping with teenagers.[4]

Gold Morning[]

Was on the battlefield when King of Cups triggered and Teacher's minion made sure everyone remembered it.


Took a tour throughout the villain community of Gimel.US with his girlfriend and their lover. Seeing Lord of Loss returning from a successful operation at a villain bar and a discussion with the villains there got him thinking of a plan for the other low tier villains like himself. He put together a proposal though he wasn't entirely sure of the specifics yet.[7]

Given the rechristening and occupation at Hollow Point, it seems that he is sold his idea well.[8]

His position in the town began getting challenged again and again.

Post-Fallen fall[]

Survived, barely.

He persisted in his criminal efforts, however his allies were either defecting to more successful warlords or being arrested.

Post-Goddess' Cluster[]

Prancer was present in Earth N when Breakthrough and The Undersiders pursued Cradle there. Helped them out of a tricky spot.[9]

Post-Time Bubble Pop[]

Prancer was accepted to the second floor of The Lodge.

Post-Attack on Teacher[]

When the ice broke due to Fume Hood having broken triggered into a Titan, Prancer was one of multiple capes to also trigger into a Titan. In this form, he attacked Moose and two other friends, killing the latter. This caused Moose to also trigger into a Titan, and the two Titans then consolidated into the Titan Oberon.[10]


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    The thing that had been Prancer didn’t deliver the strike with any force. Instead, with the lightness of a feather landing, came to perch atop the broad back of the thing that had once been his and Velvet’s mutual friend and lover.

    And the world around them dissolved into black-lightning cracks, the small refuge they had built falling to pieces.



    Two became one, damaged, broken, and haphazard, because many of the needed connections weren’t there. - Excerpt from Interlude 17.z II

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