Portals are a foundational element to the multiverse.

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Succinctly, portals are holes in reality. They appear in controlled and uncontrolled and allow travel across the multiverse lattice; i.e. they let people travel to other worlds.

Portal appearances are dictated by their creation;[12] Palanquin ones are near-permanent three dimensional regions of translucent overlaid space, Warden tech creates temporary tears in reality, Teacher's students construct similar tears, but opaque, cruder and more dangerous to the traveler,[13] later versions improved somewhat.[citation needed] Cauldron's method creates near seamless portals, however they are not necessarily permanent by themselves either.[14]

They can function as a useful power source with interactions in several parahuman effects.[citation needed]




With the fall of Eden at Cote D'Ivorie several portals were opened throughout the multiversal worlds.[17]

Later Cauldron gained access to a parahuman that was able to close most of these.[18][19]

The hole between realities that Professor Haywire created led Earth Bet to discover Earth Aleph, this almost sparked a war.[20] Thankfully several agreements between the governmental entities of the earth's preempted this.[21]

However the Hole was largely restricted to allowing the transmission of data through radio waves.[22] The hole itself was filled in with concrete and surrounded by guarded facilities that stopped anyone from going in or out. The only concession was communication devices feed through the concrete which allowed the exchange of knowledge.[23] Besides research, media was one of the few things that could be traded back and forth through the hole - leading to the trade of books, movies and DVDs of TV shows.[1]

A portal created by some Smugglers in what was probably Canada caused a heap of trouble. Making the cluster possible for one thing.[24]

In December 2009,[25] the Endbringer known as The Simurgh accessed a vault containing Professor Haywire's technology using it to create a functional large-scale version of his inter-dimensional door. The Simurgh used this technology to create two gateways - one between Earth-Aleph and Earth-Bet and one between a part of Cauldron's research facility and Earth-Bet. The portal dumped the buildings, soil, plant life and the residents from both locations into Madison, Wisconsin.[26]

Story StartEdit

The cultural exchange the single portal allows has become a fact of life for Earth Aleph and Earth Bet.[1]


A new way to create portals was discovered to help contain a threat.

Palanquin created five other portals publicly and three in secret, later events incentivized them to make many more.[27]


The Simurgh accessed Earth Shin and brought several of the Capes there into Paris during her attack on the city, this likely created confusion for the assembled Capes who were intent on fighting the Endbringer.[28]

This could have been through the technologies Professor Haywire, or a usurpation of an existing portal, such as one created by Palanquin or some other source, or some combination of factors.[2]


Two years after the fight with Khonsu portals existed throughout the world.

Gold MorningEdit

As it was now the End of the World Cauldron evacuated the Earth Bet population, what was left of it, to multiple other earths.[29]

Khepri used Doormaker to make thousands upon thousands of portals during the fight with Scion.

Post-Gold MorningEdit

The City used their portals to uninhabited worlds in order to extract resources from them.

Earth N was settled by people from Gimel, 90% of them within 25 miles of the portal leading from Gimel. A train station was constructed to transport resources and people between the worlds.[4] A train station was also constructed at a portal between Earth Bet and Gimel, patrolled by Thinkers.[7] Other train stations with portals included Fenway Station.[6]

Victoria Dallon often visited Bet via a portal at the east end of The City.[8] Refugees from Bet waited at the Northeastern Bet-Gimel portal.[9]

The City government established a prison for parahumans on an isolated Earth, acessable only via a single portal from an empty Earth, itself connected to Gimel by a single portal.[30][10]


Post-Fallen fallEdit

The Portals in the megalopolis were attacked by various groups. They used tinker devices to expand them outwards, trapping many people in alternate worlds and cutting parts of the city off from each other.[6]

Post-Goddess' TakeoverEdit

The parahuman prison had its portals cut off.

Post-Time Bubble PopEdit

Teacher was able to open the portal to previously quarantined sub-dimension containing shards.

Post-Attack on TeacherEdit

The Portal to the Earth Cheit became a catalyst for The Breaking of Ice.


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