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Date posted 1 May 2018
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Pitch 6.6 is the sixth chapter of Pitch. Narwhal standoff with remaining Fallen, Tats warns Vicky about March, dealing with anti-cape Captain Marcial, the team discusses the fight, parting ways with other heroes. Will Rain let the Fallen run?


The remaining Mathers are cleaned up, while the Crowleys escape with the remaining Fallen allies, and Prancer's group retreats. Tattletale offers Victoria information on the retreating Fallen in exchange for Cradle's release, sending some of it to convince the heroes of her good intentions.

Victoria passes Tattletale's offering to the Patrol Block for their review, and argues in favor of taking her deal. The argument puts her in conflict with the local Captain, Marcial, who Victoria suspects may be a Fallen sympathizer. After presenting her case, Victoria discusses Marcial with Gilpatrick and then confers with her teammates.

After discussing Looksee's spying habit, potential names for Chris and the battle in general, Victoria and Ashley leave to meet the returning Capricorn and Vista. Ashley and Victoria discuss the possibility that Ashley may be prosecuted and imprisoned for killing Beast of Burden, and the potential ramifications for Kenzie. In response to Ashley's claim that she is Kenzie's only means of social support, and Ashley's fear that Kenzie may recklessly or carelessly kill someone, Victoria promises to ensure that Kenzie is looked after.

Byron and Vista arrive with Chasmal and an imprisoned Mama Mathers. Victoria fills them in, and asks Byron more about his powers.

To Capricorn's displeasure, the Patrol Block decide not to follow up on Tattletale's info and Advance Guard defers to them. The Wardens leave with the Fallen prisoners, and Victoria gathers the rest of the team to discuss Tattletale's deal.

Major EventsEdit

  • Tattletale states her intention to free Cradle from custody if he is not released.
  • Chris discusses possible cape names: Creepy Kid (as Tattletale and Looksee have been referring to him) and his personal shortlist, including Dramaturge and Cryptid.
  • Mama Mathers is transferred to Patrol Block custody.


  • Marcial originally had an interest in fencing rather then archery, but as this was confusing to readers given another rapier wielding character with an appellation starting with "M". Terrible.[1]


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  1. chandra381:
    Hmmmm.... Captain Marcial, formerly of the New York PRT - a badass who also fences. Hmm..... I have absolutely no idea whatsoever about who she actually is and I AM NOT GOING TO SPECULATE AT ALL

    March is petite, according to Rain, in case that's what you're thinking.

    She's just ex-PRT. - Comment by Wildbow on Reddit

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