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Arc 6
Chapter Count 9
Word Count 55,725
Date started
14 April 2018
Date finished
11 May 2018
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Pitch is the sixth arc in Ward. It is preceded by Shadow and followed by Torch.


Whats after the twilight of the gods? Can it get worse? Because things are definitely getting worse.

The Fallen continue to be more puissant then initially believed.

Even after defeat they try to spite their "opressors".



  • Pitch is an arc title with numerous meanings relevant to its events:
    • With the standard theme of darkness and light, it can be shorthand for the color pitch black
    • the pitch in pitch black, in turn, refers to an extremely dark and viscous type of tar
    • Pitch is a measure of frequency, and can apply to both light and sound, such as in descriptions of the well-known Doppler effect dealing with rising and falling pitches.
    • Pitch can also refer to a playing field such as a baseball field, and the act of throwing an object.
    • Pitch is also part of several escalation and conflict-related idioms in English, such as "fevered pitch" meaning an agitated state (especially of a group or collective activity), or a "pitched battle" for large-scale violent combat
    • In business jargon, pitch has several additional idiomatic meanings- for example a "sales pitch" is an attempt to convince someone to agree to a purchase or deal, and an "elevator pitch" is a proposal summarized such that it can be delivered to the captive audience on an elevator before it reaches the destination floor.

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