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Phoenix is a major city in United States of America, home to the sixth PRT department.[1]

Midas was a sponsored hero team in Phoenix, headed by Puma, a former student of Crane the Harmonious. He was sponsored by the brand of which he carried the name, sporting several company logos.[2]


  1. The largest 65 cities in the United States host individual departments as of 2012. They are numbered accordingly, in order of decreasing size.


    6 Phoenix - PRT Master Reference
  2. ► American News: Puma Pounces Back

    One month ago, Puma, the head of Phoenix sponsored hero team ‘Midas’, was outed as having ties to a notorious villainess, causing some controversy. Now, it seems, Puma is fighting back, threatening to name others who had ties to the same outfit.

    The urge to fight back may have to do with the loss of his namesake sponsorship. Puma is used to living large, sporting ‘bling’ in addition to the company logos, making no secret of his extravagant lifestyle, often seen with multiple women and the best cars. As interviews wind down and attention moves elsewhere, Puma may be seeking to hold on to his status and income, alluding to a possible book deal detailing his childhood.

    Puma disappeared shortly after his powers manifested in the same incident that killed his parents. In truth, revealed by anonymous sources, he was kidnapped and indoctrinated into a cultish outfit led by supervillain Crane the Harmonious. His unique and devastating fighting style, said to be made possible by knowledge his powers gave him, was actually taught in grueling, sometimes torturous routines and exercises over seven or eight years, allegedly punctuated by many forms of child abuse. Following this revelation, multiple sources came forward to describe his bizarre, disconnected habits in private, his seemingly perpetual impotency, and a slavish adherence to the same training routines. His image shattered, simultaneously pitied, treated with suspicion and joked about by late night talk-show hosts, he now threatens to name the others who were also kidnapped and trained alongside him… - Department Sixty Four, PRT Quest thread ii p54

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