Phir Sē (pronounced “fear-say”)[3] is a member of an Indian Thanda group.


Referred to as a "monster" by Indian capes,[4] he spoke of the importance of having to use "harsh justice", crushing enemies who were not open to reason.[5] He described the world as a "war" between humanity and all "monsters", from the Endbringers to local organised crime, ruthlessness being a necessary trait. He claimed the government painted his side as evil because they preferred the criminals.[6] He didn't flinch when his companion executed a cape for trying to run.[7]

Phir Se was willing to make extremely hard choices and gambles. He was willing to risk the destruction of the city his daughter lived in in exchange for a chance of destroying Behemoth.[8] He once sacrificed his wife and sons to ensure a "monster" would remain dead.[9] He described Weaver's hard choice in changing sides to the heroes as "to be respected".[10]



He had a civilian identity which he spent most of his time in, waiting for more powerful Thanda to have need of his abilities. He felt that interacting with his friends and family as a civilian made him "feel more human than I am".[8]


He barely knew the girl for an hour but Weaver had a profound effect on his life. He was aware of her from american television, including seizing Brockton Bay. Her history and choices may have been one of the reasons that he allowed her to stay and talk with him.[11] He stated that he would have killed her for trying to trick him "if I did not feel need for outsider to challenge my ideas", but didn't seem particularly angry.[12]


Kismet described him as "too smart for all of our good".[4]


He was in his mid-thirties, and reasonably handsome, with a beard. His costume was opulent and clean; an indigo robe, a gold chain with a sapphire set in it, a gold chain for a belt and a gold sash.

When Weaver met him, he was exhausted, having not slept in three days - slow and slumped as if he were much older. He had dark circles under his eyes, his skin was pale and his beard and hair were bedraggled, although his clothing remained immaculate.[1][2][12][13]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Phir Sē has the ability to make golden doorways back in time a few minutes.[4] This allowed him to travel back and change past events.[9]

He could open the portals in different locations, such as in the air above him or beneath enemies he was watching on a computer screen.[4][2][14]

Time BombsEdit

He can use his power to double and re-double light for long periods of time, creating powerful blasts of energy when released.[4] While it charged, one of these "bombs" resembled two golden discs floating in midair with energy crackling between them.[2][11] This photon derived energy is likely mixed with some manner of temporal power.[15]

This technique required a degree of precise timing; when he started it too early he was forced to re-start.[13] If he was killed or his focus wavered too much, all the accumulated energy would be released indiscriminately, destroying the area around him.[11]

On one occasion, he created a blast strong enough to blast away around 80% of Behemoth's body.[14][16] He claimed it would destroy India if it were released indiscriminately.[11]



His career started sometime in 2001, over the course of it he lost most of his idealism.[8]

On one occasion, his wife and sons died at around the same time as a "monster", possibly linked to the event. He could have used his power to go back in time and save them, but chose not to so that his enemy would remain dead.[9]

Behemoth vs New DelhiEdit

Phir Sē and his group prognosticated an attack by an Endbringer, their prediction was slightly off however, forcing the time traveler to try setting his trump card up again.[13] When Behemoth finally attacked New Delhi Phir Sē had created a powerful "time bomb" he hoped could destroy the endbringer, having stayed awake for three days in order for it to reach full power at the correct time. Weaver was able to find the complex where he was holed up and eventually convinced him to allow her to coordinate the strike with the defending forces.[17] This eventually allowed Eidolon to create a forcefield around the beast that would contain the blast if it deflected it.[14]

Phir Sē thanked Weaver for her help before evacuating the complex. Later, Turanta reported that he was killed near the end of the encounter with Behemoth.[18] This is likely accurate as no similar maneuvers were seen in the intervening years.

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  • In Hindi Phir Sē (फिर से) means "once again".


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