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The Patrol Group is a voluntary militia which was established in the absence of the PRT. Lead by Captains, the Patrol Group provides backup or security detail for events and incidents relating to parahumans. The Patrol recruits high school students. These students can make a career out of working with the Group. Each group's captain is geographically assigned.

Modus operandi[]

Unlike PRT, Patrol members, despite being armed, are not expected to engage parahumans, but to ensure security of civilians and serve as police auxiliaries.[1] Specifically near portals and on the frontier. The Patrol regularly sends people to distant settlements.[2]

The Patrol tracks parahumans, which implies some independent intelligence gathering.[3]

The Patrol Group is popular with students that they are angry at the state of affairs between capes and civilians or seek positions of authority.[4] Even though students receive no pay until they have been with the Group for at least a year, the Group still received more recruits than they wanted or can use.[5]


The Patrol Groups are broken into geographical areas called Patrol Blocks[6]. Patrol Groups, groupings of Patrol Blocks, are lead by a Patrol Group Captain. Patrol Blocks are lead by a Patrol Block Captain. Each Patrol Block is made up of squads, and each squad is lead by a Squad Captain or a Junior Captain.[7]

Administrators coordinate the various patrol blocks.[8] Their integration with The City authorities is unspecified.



The group was established after the fall of the PRT by ex-PRT staff.[4]


As a member of the Patrol Group, Victoria acted as Squad Captain for security detail and support for an event at the Norfair Community Center. The event planned to announce a newly formed hero group. As the event was planning to get underway, a surprise attack by a mercenary group resulted in the non-lethal shooting of Fume Hood. Victoria was ousted as a Cape and asked to resign from the team.

Post-Fallen fall[]

Gilpatrick's patrol group offered assistance with the containment during the incident. Near the end of the fight, the Patrol group was seen detaining Ashley after she murdered Beast of Burden. The Patrol group backed Victoria up during her negotiation with the final standoff between the Crowleys. Afterward, they helped transport Mama Mathers into containment.

After the Fallen retreated to Boston, Victoria pleaded with several local Patrol Groups lead by Bash, Marcial, and Gaymon to rally and pursue the retreating group. After a period of time, Marcial informed Victoria that the patrol group would not assist with the remaining Fallen.[8]

After Victoria's group received a tip from Tattletale and a Crowley brother that the Fallen planned 'something big', she entered one of the targeted stations. Here, Junior Captain Eads' squad was present and helped them take down the threat. Unfortunately it was not enough, as other stations were hit simultaneously and caused major havoc at portal points across The City.

Post-Time Bubble Pop[]

Patrol Block assisted heroic groups with extrajudicial banishment of uncontainable parahumans to another Earth.

Post-Attack on Teacher[]

Had a lot of work thanks to riots near the portals during the evacuation of The City.[9]

The Ice Breaks[]

Patrol Block assisted Wardens in their anti-titan efforts, [10] including leading the charge into The Shardspace.[11]

Ten patrol officers with dormant Corona Pollentias, including Gilpatrick, were tinker-linked by Lookout to Rain, allowing them to invade his dreamscape. Two of those officers, Valentin and Cox, were impersonated by Matryoshka and Bijou.[12] All survived patrol officers acquired powers as a consequence of an attack by shard-guardian.[13]


  • Patrol Group Captains: Captain Bash
  • Patrol Block Captains: Captain Gilpatrick, Captain Marcial, Captain Gaymon, Karen Vick
  • Squad Captains: Victoria Dallon (until the community center incident), Jasper
  • Junior Captains: Junior Captain Eads during the portal incident in Boston.[14]
  • Squad members: Various young adults and students, such as Camisola.
    • Diaz, Early, Bastian, Kelly, Hanson, Elaine Chapo, Roux.


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