Pastor, is an unnamed parahuman who took over the town of Freedom, California. He is a dangerous individual with the potential to be an S-Class threat, and was worth imposing a Quarantine Zone over his location.


Power granting, either significantly more powerful than Teacher's or ability to manually activate Corona Pollentias in people.[1]

Pastor is known as a common thinker blindspot.[3]



Freedom, California was quarantined.[1]

Post-Attack on TeacherEdit

Pastor was reported dead.[2]


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    The nature of the footage is at odds with what it contains. A church, the type that appears in a smaller town, a fervent, excited congregation sitting in the pews, not a one of them able to sit still. The sound is muffled, as the person tries to hide the camera, rustling it against clothing, and the video itself crackles and pops, glitching with regularity, as if caught in an electrical storm.
    The man at the front is heavy without being fat, hair cut short, dressed up in holy vestments. His voice is muffled, as he speaks to the room. He reaches down, touching the forehead of a girl who kneels before him, and words can be made out - ‘gift of God’.
    The distortion of the camera flares. It takes a full minute to fade.
    When the picture resolves, the man at the front of the church is standing, holding the hands of two young people. The girl’s eyes glow, visible despite the glitching and buzzing of the camera, cracks running from her eyes around the back of her head and down her neck, glows periodically showing through the cracks. The boy is still changing, muscles moving visibly beneath skin as if they are something alive, and the cracks in his skin don't reach as far, but they're far deeper where they do exist. The crowd’s singing reaches a crescendo- and the video cuts.
    When the video resumes, the crackling is just as bad, even though the location is different.
    “Please help,” the person holding the camera says. “I won’t name myself because-”
    “-in Freedom California. They won’t let us leave. I repeat, please help. We’re in Free-”
    The remainder of the recording plays out for the next minute, but the audio and video are nothing but static. - Word of God by Wildbow on Reddit
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    “We’re in the right department. Dead.” - Excerpt from Sundown 17.9
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