Paris is a successful villainous mercenary who still manages to be pathetic.


Professional and focused, a successful mercenary, despite this he seemed to target and attack any capes he deems "queer" in his down time.[1]



Had a chauffeur and assistant.


Holds a grudge against Capricorn Red for claiming he was responsible for the death of Capricorn Blue.[2]


Paris wears a metal mask over the top of his face letting his long straight blond hair fall free. Has a black and green form fitting costume with belts and metal accouterments partially covered with cloth costumes like a mantel complete with hood.[3] Had an arrow like emblem on his costume.[4]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Paris is able to create and throw needles that disintegrate material on contact, producing high-velocity shrapnel. He often uses it to generate shaker-esque areas of denial.[5] They are not Manton Limited and can rip through flesh.[3]

He can "charge up" a needle, increasing its size up to that of a railroad spike.



Was part of a Group Trigger but struck out on his own.[6] He had a career lasting at least five years.

He gave away most of his mercenary income to charities for unknown reasons.[7]

The TimeskipEdit

Targeted teenaged members of Haven and Reach.

Was blamed for the "death" of Capricorn Blue, treated as a truce-breaker, and imprisoned.[2]

Gold MorningEdit

Presumably had a similar experience to others.

Post-Goddess' TakeoverEdit

Joined up with March's band of ne'er-do-wells.[6]

Assisted Cradle when they ambushed the Yellow Team of the Breakthrough Undersiders alliance. He skirmishes with Tress and was frozen several times by Juliette Vasil which let his old foe Capricorn wallop him.[8] The team was still defeated by the villains.

Later that night, he, as part of a forward group on Earth N, attempted to stop the retaliation team led by Antares. During the first skirmish he was forced to back down and deliver the mutilated Contender to Bluestocking. Later he reappeared with Thud in attempt to take Bluestocking's group hostage and stall the retreat of Antares' group. He had his chest and right hand shattered by Antares.[9]


  • Paris likely derives his name from the mythical Paris Alexander, hero and instigator of the Trojan War who killed the hero Achilles with an arrow.


  1. “I spent a few of them in the hospital, after running into Paris.”

    “Paris,” Tristan said.

    “He’s a lunatic,” Nate said, his voice a whisper. “Steer clear, you know? He’s dangerous, and he came after me. He came after Long John. A little less successful then, but I think Long was spooked. He was making noise about going after Furcate, toward the start of the year. They ended up benched, waiting for Paris to get bored.
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  7. “Speaking of righteous,” Bluestocking said. “I know about the charities, Paris. [...] The money he earns, he gives almost all of it away. Keeps some to secure his family’s future, anyone would, but nobody would give as much to those in need as this guy. I bet Tattletale could shine light on why, if we asked her. Guilt?” - Excerpt from Heavens 12.4
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