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Arc 10
Chapter Count 8
Word Count 38,655
Date started
24 April 2012
Date finished
17 May 2012
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Parasite is the tenth arc of the Worm series; preceded by Sentinel and followed by Infestation. In which the Undersiders beat the Wards in their own base.


Taylor and the Undersiders execute a daring heist on PRT headquarters, going up against the Wards to steal classified data. The team has a new member. Regent reveals the full extent of his power, and his origin. Taylor's relationship with her teammates has changed following the end of Extermination.

When Coil consults Dinah for information about the Slaughterhouse Nine, she reveals a frightening prophecy: there's an event coming that will kill the vast majority of Earth's population. Jack Slash is the first person she's recognized in connection with this: if he leaves Brockton Bay alive, this event happens sooner- between two and eight years, instead of fifteen.

In the interludes two perspectives are seen:

Regent showcases how human he can actually be with all that implies for good and ill.

A Woman deals with the chains of duty obligation and justice as she looks into a person's past.



  • Parasite, like parahuman means close of beside but the -site can, from the original greek, mean one who lives at another's expense.
    • Beyond the fact that much criminal and therefore supervillain activity is parasitic. One characters power might count as parasitic. Bitch obviously considers Skitter to be a parasite to be removed. It is unknown whether a certain Guild member counts as a parasite or a symbiote.

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