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Parahumans Online, abbreviated to PHO, is the "go-to" website about capes. The main website displays recent international news about parahumans, and it also includes a cape wiki, message boards with private message functionality, a chatroom, and other information on cape groups and events. Its URL was Parahumans.net.[1]

Cultural impact[]

Parahumans Online is the premier cape site for gossip and serves as the site of record for parahuman names. If one is not careful a name carelessly chosen or mentioned in passing could be misinterpreted. Long clunky names are simplified for example "Genocide by Scythe" becomes Genoscythe‎. The community will also change or swap out different names until they meet standards.[2]

It is unknown what other sites there are.

Message Boards[]

The message boards are the most seen section of Parahumans Online in Worm. The most in-depth look at the boards is seen later,[3] which includes some of Greg Veder's posts, which includes sections of a Parahumans Online message boards thread.[4]

Other characters seen or referred to using it are Taylor, Charlotte, Lisa, WagTheDog, Sveta, Weld, and Vista. Saint has also been shown to pore over messages from Parahumans Online through Dragon's information feeds.


Known Members
  • 17593Q183H17953R9713E714693 
  • A_real (Admin)
  • Aku-42 
    • Attempted to fake the "At Ground Zero: Brockton Bay" badge
  • Alathea 
    • Original Brockton Bay board moderator
  • AnonymousEDT103
  • Answer Key 
    • Reference to commenter Anzer'ke
  • Antigone
  • ArchmageEin
  • Athonic
  • AtoLo
  • AvenG 
    • Avenguard
  • AverageAlexandros (Cape husband)
  • Azavael (PRT Science)
  • Bagrat (Veteran Member) (The Guy in the Know) 
    • Reference to commenter Packbat
  • Ball-Chan
  • boaty5
  • Boo-chan
  • Boosher
  • bothad (At Ground Zero: Brockton Bay)
  • Brilliger (Moderator: Protectorate Main)
  • Brocktonite03 (At Ground Zero: Brockton Bay)
  • Bruce Lao (Brockton Bay Refugee)
  • Capricorn (Hero)
  • Casey_F08 
    • Casey (Shortly demised broken trigger)
  • Chaosfaith
  • Char (At Ground Zero: Brockton Bay)
  • Chilldrizzle (At Ground Zero: Brockton Bay)
  • Chrome
  • Coyote-C 
    • Reference to commenter Loki-L
  • Dana & Evan (Student)
  • Dawgsmiles (Veteran poster) 
    • Reference to commenter Sadcat
  • Deepwell5
  • Dgators 
    • Mentioned Only
  • DigaWell
  • Dive Bucket
  • DonJon
  • Doubletime_Collies
  • E.S.Reaver
  • Ekul (Brockton Bay Refugee)
  • Engel
  • Erasmus
  • Ferris (Cape Dad)
  • Feychick 
    • Reference to commenter Faerie
  • FFlash
  • Fishie (Board Admin)
  • Fishmon
  • FlippinMad 
  • Forgotten Creator 
    • Reference to commenter Lost Demiurge
  • General Prancer 
    • Reference to commenter Admiral Skippy
  • Geronimo
  • Glitzglam 
  • Good Ship Morpheus
  • GstringGirl/Space_Squid/Kraken_in_a_Jar
  • Heart_Shaped_Pupil
  • Hope_In_Pithos (Admin) 
  • Houndstooth
  • I♥Lethe
  • Jr_Max
  • Judge 
    • Reference to commenter Truthseeker 
    • Original Brockton Bay board moderator
  • K.G. Ray (City: West Point)
  • Khain (Guild Staff)
  • KillDestroyKiss (Library) 
    • Reference to MurderDeathHug
  • Laser Augment (At Ground Zero: Brockton Bay)
  • Lasersmile 
    • Reference to commenter Razorsmile
  • Lex_Dogbell
  • Lo A Quest (At Ground Zero: Brockton Bay)
  • Logs 
    • Reference to commenter notes
  • Lolitup
  • Lucky Luke (Hero)
  • Mac’s Dual Rocket Propelled Grenades (Brockton Bay Refugee) 
    • Reference to commenter mc2rpg
  • Mane Magenta 
    • Reference to commenter Pinkhair
  • Mangled_Wings
  • Miraclemic (Brockton Bay Refugee)
  • Miss Mercury (Protectorate Employee) 
    • Reference to commenter Hydrargentium
  • mlekk (is mlekk)
  • Mock Moniker 
    • Reference to commenter Fake Name
  • Moor (Guild)
  • Morgan Sinister (At Ground Zero: Brockton Bay)
  • Mr. Fabuu (Brockton Bay Refugee)
  • Nakyak (Cape Geek) 
    • Reference to commenter Kyakan
  • Ne 
    • Reference to commenter En
  • New_Ohmstar
  • Nod
  • Nondeceptive (At Ground Zero: Brockton Bay) 
    • Reference to commenter Noliar
  • Noveltry 
    • Reference to commenter Comickry
  • Nutty
  • Of5
  • Ohearn
  • Point_Me_@_The_Sky 
  • Procto the Unfortunate Tinker (Not a tinker)
  • Reave (Verified PRT Agent) (Brockton Bay Refugee) 
    • Reference to commenter Reveen
  • Rightsector
  • Robby
  • Ron_of_Couches
  • Saskatchew
  • SenorEel 
    • Reference to commenter MrMoray
  • Shower (Admin)
  • Slayer of Isaac
  • Sothoth 
    • Reference to commenter Yog
  • Space Zombie 
    • Reference to commenter Undead-Spaceman
  • Strange_Mammal
  • Tdren
  • Team_Lancer
  • Thatdude 
    • Reference to commenter Someguy
  • TheGnat 
    • Reference to commenter TheAnt
  • TRJ
  • Tumbles
  • Valkyr (Wiki Warrior)
  • Venturain
  • Vista (Verified Cape) (Wards ENE)
  • WagTheDog (Brockton Bay Refugee)
  • Weld (Verified Cape) (Irregulars)
  • Whackograve 
    • Attempted to fake the "At Ground Zero: Brockton Bay" badge
  • WhedonRipperFan
  • Whippersnap
  • Whitecollar (Cape Wife) 
    • Reference to commenter Wage Slave
  • White Fairy (Veteran Member) (At Ground Zero: Brockton Bay)
  • WMD377 (PRT Science Admin)
  • Wytchmlj
  • XxVoid_CowboyxX
    • Greg Veder
    • Attempted to fake the "At Ground Zero: Brockton Bay" badge
  • Xyloloup (Brockton Bay Refugee)
  • Yipper


The Parahumans Online chatroom #116, 'The Holdout' is shown.[5] On the refurbished site it was the meeting place of the Chatroom group.[6]

Known Chatroom Members
  • Aloha
    • Reference to commenter Howdy
  • Arcee
  • BadSamurai
  • Breakthrough Chatroom
  • @Deadman@
    • Reference to commenter Zombie
  • Deimos
    • Changes nick to Absolute Annihilation during the events of the Interlude
  • Divide
    • Reference to commenter Schism
  • Groupies
    • Reference to commenter Fans
  • Iblis
    • Reference to commenter Naeblis
  • Kriketz
    • Reference to commenter Klackerz
  • Loyal
    • Reference to commenter Trusting
  • Poit
    • Reference to commenter Narf
  • QwertyD
    • Reference to commenter DvorakQ
  • Ryus
    • Reference to commenter Kens
  • Spiritskin
    • Reference to commenter Soulpelt
  • Team Reach Chatroom
  • Treefort_Lookout Bots
  • Ultracut
    • Reference to commenter hyperstrike


The glorious and noble art of online encyclopedias is followed in regards to capes. Pages are known to have warnings about dangerous parahumans,[7][8] such as Hellhound[9] and Oni Lee.[10]

Weaver and the Chicago Wards vandalized Golem's wiki page, and other websites, in an effort to confuse the The Slaughterhouse Nine-Thousand about his power.[11] Given the severity of the threat this is excusable.


  • Wildbow hinted in the comments that Parahumans Online may have been a side project of Dragon.[12]
  • Several of the usernames seen on the message boards are plays on usernames of posters from the site comments and elsewhere.[12][13][14][15]
  • Capes could have a Parahuman account and a plainclothes sock puppet account from when they were on PHO in their civilian identity.[16]

See Also[]


  1. Insinuation 2.2
  2. Parahumans Online is something of a wiki that establishes names. If you don't pick and declare a name for yourself, someone else will (a la Skitter). If you pick a name that's stupid (superdude785) or offensive, the community will name you or strive to rename you (a la Bitch/Hellhound), depending.

    Keep in mind that language is always striving to simplify itself. Long-winded names don't tend to get a lot of traction and will become nicknames, which eventually become the new standard. Someone names themselves Cyber Stealth Death Ninjaman ends up getting referred to as Cyberdeath, and that becomes their name.

    Getting huffy and going, "But guyyyys! I'm Cyber Stealth Death Ninjaman, not Cyberdeath!" is a fast way to lose rep and have people move even faster to the short-form.

    When a villain dies, their name is up for grabs, but if it's just taken without a second thought, then has a way of maintaining bad reps and picking up old rivalries with few of the benefits. That guy who always wanted to stomp Tailspin's ass might get some cathartic release from beating down Tailspin II. Sometimes very stupid villains take a name that's already taken, causing headaches for everyone involved, and invite beatdowns & contests over the name.

    Heroes are far more likely to simply ask for permission to use a name. Unicorn III passed her name on to Unicorn IV, for example. - Wildbow on Reddit
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  10. Topping it all off, Oni Lee’s wiki page had a similar red warning box to the one that Bitch/Hellhound had on hers, minus the bit about his public identity. From what they knew about him, authorities had seen fit to note him a sociopath. The warning covered the same essential elements: exceedingly violent, dangerous to approach, should not be provoked, and so on. - Excerpt from Insinuation 2.2
  11. Golem was walking on rooftops at the edge of the effect, and he was surrounded by a nimbus of whirling material. By Wanton. We’d already altered all of the data on the group, to imply by news reports and Golem’s powers on the websites that Wanton’s telekinetic storm was Golem’s power. - Excerpt from Sting 26.2
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  16. Their login process notes that her account is a 'cape in civilian clothes' account; they're a cape but has two accounts, and this is the one they switch to when they don't want to broadcast that they're a cape. A kind of legitimate 'sockpuppet' account. - Synopsis by Wildbow