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Parahumans, also called the Worm-verse, is the name used to refer to a continuity of stories including Worm, Glow-wormWard, and various other short stories written by author John C. McCrae, aka Wildbow.


The Parahumans setting was first developed using a number of drafts featuring a number of variations on characters and ideas that would eventually feature in Worm.

The website for Worm, https://parahumans.wordpress.com/, was originally intended to host five interweaving stories set in the same universe - Skitter, Guts & Glory, Aegis, Faultline, and Travelers.[1] Later, Wildbow decided to only write one of these stories, Skitter, which would become Worm.[2]

A side-story set in the Worm universe, PRT: Department Sixty-Four, was published on the SpaceBattles forum. This story was an interactive "quest" rather than a traditional story, with the protagonist's actions determined by reader vote and the villains' actions determined by a number of roleplayers.[citation needed] As such, it is only considered partially canon.[3][4]

Following the completion of his other stories Pact and Twig, Wildbow returned to writing stories in the Worm universe. The parahumans website was finally used to post a short story in the same universe, Glow-worm, a prequel to the then-upcoming Ward.



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  2. Before I started Worm, I planned to write three to five chapters a week (the site url is ‘parahumans’ because I intended it to be a series of interweaving stories), but I did the backlog, decided that two chapters a week was my limit, decided to write only one of the five interweaving stories, and later expanded things the occasional third when enough donations rolled around. - Interview with Wildbow
  3. Periastron & some of the other PRT Quest villains were player-generated via. the early Weaverdice system, and were consequently somewhat broken. I don't count PRT Quest in canon, really, or only ambiguously, for much this reason. - Archived on Spacebattles
  4. PRT Quest is canon [but] the events of the PRT Quest never happened. It was all a vision that Roullette saw and [the vision] put her in a coma, though not before writing down as much as she could. - Archived on Spacebattles

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