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The following alphabetical list is of minor and briefly mentioned characters found in the parahumans series. These characters played a small to no role in the main plotlines.

This page is for minor parahuman characters. For other characters, see Minor Characters.


A hero and former member of the Baltimore Protectorate. Capable of flight. Name implies high maneuverability / aerial stunts.


A young member of the Fallen.

Abilities and Powers[]

Creates dark clouds in a loose line then fires a powerful beam of darkness through the middle of them. Name implies her power works by targeting a specific spot and may have to reset to target another.


A successful "Whitelister", placed top 20. Made a PHO Whitelist guide for newcomers.[1]


Anomaly is a member of the Chicago Protectorate.[2] He retired following Gold Morning, but was urged from retirement by Dragon during the confrontation with Titans and The Simurgh.[3]

Abilities and Powers[]

Anomaly has the ability to create beachball-sized black spheres. He can use these spheres to light his way in the dark and draw people towards them.[4]


A male Ward who engaged in illicit relations with a teenage villain, Sike, and defected to protect her from being arrested. He was featured as a character in a digital card game, which could create 'charm' effects similar but superior to Gallant and "Thump Thump". After his defection, his character was removed from the game, with proper compensation given to players where needed. The removal of his character caused complications for the speedrunning community of the game.[5]

Arrowheart's name implies a blaster/master power, again similar to Gallant, and a potential Cupid motif. His portrayal in the video game as a charmer also supports this.[5]


Bearach is a member of the Chicago Wards.


Following Leviathan's attack on Brockton Bay, Bearach put in for vacation. Tecton said that he thought that Bearach was feeling the pressure and was looking for a good excuse to miss the next Endbringer fight. Tecton said that he told him that he wasn't forced to come on the missions, but that Bearach felt compelled to defend others.


Blesk is a member of the Irregulars. He had yellow skin, with bruising in the recesses of his face, arms, and hands, and had narrow teeth like a fish.

Abilities and Powers[]

Can teleport, possibly among other things.[6]


Recruited into the Irregulars, but later became a mutineer to attack the Cauldron staff, who'd made him a Case 53.[7]

Blue Ice[]

A villain who helped "The L" to kill Stylet.[8]


A former member of Reach. He died before Gold Morning.[9]


Her tinker power allegedly produces hydrotech that self-improves with use, with regular curation and attention required. Estimated Tinker 7.


Potential PRT recruit, ended up with team Moonwalkers. Her first fight was against team Lich Five, where she lost to The Man in the Corners.[10]


Burnish is a superhero. She fought the Machine Army, met Dot, and was friends to some degree with Ratcatcher.

Abilities and Powers[]

Weird Blaster Power


A hero who got knocked out by "a thrown brick" when "The L" attacked him and Stylet.[11]


Buzzer or Earl was a resident of the Parahuman Asylum. He had an always-on power that produced a sound loud enough to cause permanent ear damage.[12]


A vehicle tinker located in Anchorage.


Carnal is a supervillian.


Carnal thought that he had a place on the Slaughterhouse Nine and approached them, only to fail their tests. He and Prophet were then made into a hybrid cape by Bonesaw.[13]

Abilities and Powers[]

Carnal is described as a durable healer, whose healing factor accelerates by bathing in blood.[13]


Chasmal is a member of Advance Guard.


Normal custom Advance Guard costume.

Abilities and Powers[]

He can push things out of phase with reality, altering their properties.[14] Likely can use his power long term.[15]


Chasmal took part in the Mathers Compound Assault.

He was later killed by the Leper in the attack on Teachers base.


Chort is a member of the Fallen.


As a member of the Fallen, Chort wore a wolf pelt with goat horns over head and shoulders.[16]

Abilities and Powers[]

Presumably a Brute, his physical strength surpasses even Alexandria. Despite Chevalier's Endbringer-derived armor,[17] Chort carefully moved him around; he was like eggshell to Chort.[16]

Chort is not an immovable object as he can be pushed around by external forces. When a cape produced a circular pulse, he dug his fingers into the ground to hold his position. In comparison, Chevalier wore armor heavy enough to be unaffected.[18]


Chort was not originally part of the Fallen and had somehow been acquired by Mama Mathers at some point.[19] He is 16 years old in Ward.[16]

He served as a bodyguard for Mama Mathers during the Attack on Teacher when she confronted Chevalier's group.[20] Precipice, Love Lost, or Colt presumably defeated Chort when they confronted Mama Mathers' group.[21] Note that the Mall Cluster lacks All-or-Nothing powers.[22]


  • Chorts are demonic embodiments of evil, primarily slavic found throughout different cultures.
  • Chort makes his first and only appearance in Interlude 15.z II‎.


Breaker-Tinker 3 (Zombie Mech). Believed deceased as of the time of her trigger, Cradlegrave adopts her ghostly breaker form to build and maintain the mechanized suit that holds and sustains her decaying corpse and brain. Can set the suit to autopilot while going breaker to leave it and interact with the battlefield. Member of team Lich Five.[23]


Brute (sub: Master-Shaker) 4. Can mark a location. If he dies in said location, fills the area with violent twisted flesh, as well as cross and angel iconography. Gains swiftly increasing awareness and control over the mutated flesh and angels before being born from the mass, after which point it all dies. Leader of team Lich Five[24]


Independent cape, a hero turned rogue creating memorial pillars in The City.


A cape who can transfer the properties of one object to another on touch. Usually makes swords and axes out of diamond. Most likely a Striker. Was flown from the United States to Australia for a team offer by a villain or rogue gang, but got into an argument with the leader and ended up stuck in Australia, camping at an airport.[25]


Egesa is a Case 53.


While his specific story is not known he was illegally held by Cauldron before he was freed by the Simurgh.[26]


Egesa is a Case 53. He is described as a man with a neck three times the usual length and a gnarled hump on his back that is plated with armor. His arms split in two at the elbow, with one set hands and one set of limbs that ended with built-in scythes.[27]


Epeios is a computer tinker of Tattletale's acquaintance. Their relationship was apparently quite complicated.[28] Epeios was responsible for the virus that the Undersiders used on their raid of the Brockton Bay Wards headquarters, which Dragon had little difficulty with.[29] Little else is know about him.

He survived Gold Morning, and subsequently was hired by Deathchester as a countermeasure for Lookout.[30]

Epeios also provided software for The Wardens, although it was somewhat unreliable.[31]


An Indian parahuman who could displace things into and out of a dimension filled with water. His name was translated from Punjabi by Kismet. Appeared in Crushed 24.3 alongside Kismet and Particulate, wandered off somewhere.


A seemingly young and definitely heroic horned Case 53 that was murdered by the Fallen in Arizona. She and Peat were partners.[32]


  • Their name is the Old English word for swamp.


Served the Protectorate under Stylet.[33]


Garnett is a member of the Chicago Wards.[34] Their power is unknown.


Abilities and Powers[]

Mentioned as one of the Guild front line combatants, along with Dragon, Defiant, their associated Dragon's Teeth and Narwhal.[35]


Participated in the fight against the Slaughterhouse 9000.


  • The Author created a non-canon character Eulogy that fought using words.[36] This is not the same character, despite fandom speculation.


A sexual predator whose proclivities necessitate the phrase "contact lens condoms".

Abilities and Powers[]

He could transform his arms into razor-sharp limbs evocative of his moniker.[37][38]


Gold Morning[]

Died during Gold Morning.[39]


  • Genoscythe is a joke character created by Psychogecko that took off among the community, much to the chagrin of Wildbow. He is explicitly non-canonical, but is definitely dead.[40] Compare Mlekk and Blue Bomber.

Glomm and Glomp[]

One of the top 50 "Whitelisters": "More internet and video personalities than capes, they deal with kids, low-level crime, and lean heavily on their expertise with media and personality."[41]


A Protectorate tinker out in Texas, city unspecified, that provides Protectorate and other allied tinkers with some of her crystal chips which provide a huge boost to processing.[42]


  • Granholme means a jumble of mismatched pieces assembled into a new whole.
  • She is an example of a resource tinker.[43]

Gunnery Anne[]

Gunnery Anne was a member of Advance Guard who was killed in a fight against the Titans. She was a trainer of the group.

She had a Trump ability which allowed her to increase the range of other capes abilities.[44]

Hiemal/Jotun II[]

Jotun II is the second Jotun to be named.[45] Hiemal is a possible alternate name.[46]


Jotun was a local cape in Anchorage.[47]

Tried to take over Anchorage, Alaska in an attempt to emulate the situation in Brockton Bay. Failed but killed several people.[46] He was last seen in the nearby town of Fairbanks. His exploits fast tracked the creation of the Anchorage department.[47]


Blaster 4, Brute 2. Launches barbed tethers in long-distance shotgun sprays. Each connected tether poisons her target's blood and taints their body parts, slowing the healing of said parts. While this occurs, she rapidly regenerates herself and restores her own condition. On perishing, launches out hundreds of tethers for potential hundreds of feet to drink and attempt to revive herself. Tends to drink small amounts from large numbers of volunteers. Member of team Lich Five.[48]


Fought team Moonwalkers. Got teleported to the moon by Kirin White. Believed to be deceased.

Heith Anders[]

Heith Anders is the wife of Max Anders, mother of Theo Anders, and cousin/guardian to Jessica Biermann and Nessa Biermann. Was killed in a Skirmish with the Teeth when they were originally in Brockton Bay.[49]

Heith is described as a "size changer protected by a personal distortion field",[50] somewhat like her two charges.


A powerful villain operating out of Nambia; a Mover capable of mass transportation, mainly of child soldiers.[51] Was given a sweetheart deal by the PRT with the understanding that he would commit to the fight against endbringers, despite his manifest crimes.

Likely dead before the The Slaughterhouse Nine-Thousand attacks.[52]

The exact mechanism of his power is unexplicated.


  • Isango is a Xhosa word for Gate or port, used similarly in Zulu.


Jacked, or Roos, was a resident of the Parahuman Asylum. He was a Tinker who had replaced his arms with cybernetic implants, which backfired on him when he got hurt in a fight and became unable to repair them.[53]


Jamestowner is a megalomaniacal tinker[54] who uses blasts of anomalous radiation that can turn individuals into mutants that were docile toward him, but driven by their cannibalistic hunger and the leashed by their reluctance to being radiated further.[55]


He carried out attacks in 2007 and 2008 looking to gather nuclear material, in the latter he showcased the ability to convert the dead, animals and presumably people, into mutants.[56] The effect of his actions were ameliorated somewhat by local PRT forces. The 2007 attack was on a Pennsylvania nuclear facility while the 2008 attack was on a different nuclear facility. His situation was quickly handled by the PRT.

When talking to the other Undersiders about her two theories regarding Echidna, Tattletale mentioned that Jamestowner alongside other megalomaniac Tinkers that might have tried something but that their powers didn't fit the scenario well.[54]


  • There is some confusion if he is a radiation blaster or a tinker who works with radiation. The wikia staff has decided on the former.


A tinker who worked for the Yàngbǎn, creating simulations for them to practice in, among other technology.[57] his powers were considered too valuable to share among the group.[58] He is also responsible for creating the fractal palace for the royal family to confuse would-be infiltrators.[59]


Jotun was a parahuman who participated in the Leviathan fight. He is a clustermate of Ixnay.


Alongside Alabaster and Dauntless, he was thrown into the center of a time-distortion bubble by Leviathan, where he was caught, unable to make his exit fast enough to avoid being frozen in time.[60]

After four years and prolonged battle he gets released by March to be immediately lobotomised and drained of power.[61]

Kazikli Bey[]

Kazikli Bey is a parahuman. Kazikli Bey was one of the three faces taken by Tohu during the Endbringer's first appearance in Bucharest, Romania on December 19th, 2012.


Kazikli Bey wears a red helmet and red gauntlets.[62]

Abilities and Powers[]

Kazikli Bey is an aerokinetic that is capable of forming whirlwinds and slicing people with air compressed into razorlike ribbons.[62]


  • His name comes from the name given to Vlad the Impaler, an important inspirational figure in the myth of Dracula, by his enemies the Ottoman Turks. It means "Impaler Prince."

Kirin White[]

Mover 11. Enhanced leaps and bounds with set rules on leaping/bounding toward or to predetermined markers. Received a ratings increase from Mover 2 to Mover 11 when it was revealed KW could and was making repeat leaps to a marker placed on the moon to drop off and pick up personnel and materials.


Ex-Sentai Elite, mercenary, lancer of team Moonwalkers.

Participated in the fight against Lich Five, where he teleported Heartsoul to the moon and got knocked out by The Man in the Corners after.[63]


A "balance thinker". Killed by the Thanda in Crushed 24.3. He wore a white robe with a hard, faceless mask that had only slits for the eyes.


Knot, also known as Prisoner 603 and Prisoner 604, was a parahuman that had been sentenced to the Birdcage. Knot was a Case 70: two capes sharing one body.


According to Dragon, Knot has a cognitive impairment and a childlike mentality.


When Dragon was checking on the last month's addition to the Birdcage, she learned that Knot had gotten a role as the heavy hitter and enforcer for Prisoner 390 despite their cognitive impairment.[64]


A self-duplicating Master.[65] Possibly a member of the New York Protectorate.

Appearance & Personality[]

An Asian woman, she was an extremely skilled fighter,[66] who was psychologically incapable of exploiting it to its limits.[67]


She was apparently known to Jouster.[68] Participated in the Echidna fight and was captured and cloned by Echidna.[66]

It is unknown if she survived the event.


  • Cannot replicate others, this ability was showcased by a warped instance created by an S-Class threat.[69]


Laughjob was one of five special hybrid clones created by Bonesaw for the Slaughterhouse Nine-Thousand.[70] He was presumably a hybrid of Chuckles and Hatchet Face, but does not appear within the story. He is presumably deceased, as he was not present when Khepri was collecting parahumans.[71] His name is likely based off of Hack Job.

Chapter Appearances[]

Worm Chapter Appearances
1. Scarab 25.1 Absent
2. Scarab 25.2 Absent
3. Scarab 25.3 Absent
4. Scarab 25.4 Absent
5. Scarab 25.5 Absent
6. Scarab 25.6 Absent
x. Interlude 25 Debut

Lizard Prince[]

Lizard Prince, also known as Prisoner 602, was a parahuman that had been sentenced to the Birdcage.


When Dragon was checking on the last month's addition to the Birdcage, she learned that Lizard Prince had died. She contacted the PRT with the news and notified his victims.[72]

La Llorona[]

A villain incarcerated at the prison dimension. Leader of a women's gang at the prison. Later took The Red Queen's offer and relocated to Shin. Believed to be very violent.


  • Spanish for The Weeper, the feminine case makes clear it is a woman, La Llorona is an urban legend common in Latin America.

Lucky Break[]

Lucky Break was a teenage cape who Gilpatrick knew and felt responsible for. He fell in with a bad crowd, entered a relationship with the significantly older villain Pirouette, and ended up being murdered and stuffed into a barrel full of concrete.[73][74]


A local Protectorate member who took Stylet's position after her death.[75]

Malin the Fox[]

A facilitator operating in Lausanne, a confidant of Crane the Harmonious. She has showcased extremely accurate teleportation abilities.[76]


One of the top 50 "Whitelisters": "Ex-PRT, boasts extensive experience as a trainer from the Whetstone in San Diego. Will teach self defense, tactics, teamwork, and the use of powers and weapons. Provides expert guidance for any group of desperate people, or new teams of heroes who can't find their footing."[77]


Murderbeam, also known as Prisoner 605, was a parahuman that had been sentenced to the Birdcage.


When Dragon was checking on the last month's addition to the Birdcage, she learned that while Murderbeam was feared outside of the prison the residents inside the prison did not. She believed that he would not survive the week and the thought disappointed her because she hoped that Prisoner 550 would reach out and support him.[78]

Neils Baru[]

Parahuman warlord in Egypt mentioned to have struck Europe.[79]


Nayet is the sister of Sveta. She was injured upon trying to save her sibling after they fell. She was given a vial by Cauldron, and was killed as a result.


The first member of the Yàngbǎn, presumably by order of importance. His power made the Yàngbǎn possible; essentially the creation of artificial Clusters, and he was one of the few members whose powers could not be shared amongst the group.[80] He was also capable of remotely rescinding the powers of Yàngbǎn members, but they needed to contact him to do so.[81]


Is the "brainwashing-capable thinker"[82] of the Yàngbǎn. Responsible from maintaining the cohesiveness of the Chinese military team and of the CUI society.[83]


An Indian "dust tinker". His name was translated from Punjabi by Kismet. Hated Phir Se.

Appearance & Equipment[]

Particulate carried a scanning device and a gun that reduced things to dust. The gun was ineffective on Behemoth and could only fire three shots, but it carved a tunnel three feet wide and he was able to modify it into a one-time detonation after its battery ran out.

He was bald, had a narrow head and wore goggles with a face mask that clung to him, outlining every detail of his face and mouth. Appeared in Crushed 24.3 and Crushed 24.4.

The Player[]

Thinker active during the early years of the PRT.[84] The cooperation between agencies needed to bring him down inspired the creation of Watchdog.[85]


A seemingly young and definitely heroic horned Case 53 boy that was murdered by the Fallen in Arizona. He and Fen were partners. [32]


Prolapse is a parahuman who was collected by Glaistig Uaine who named him with the epithet 'tortures son'.

Abilities and Powers[]

He is described as having biokinetic durability and size as well as the ability to turn individuals inside out with a touch.[86]

Prong (Mercenary)[]

Prong is a mercenary who was involved with Cradle and his army.


Prong wore an ox skull mask, and Kevlar body armor.[87]

Abilities and Powers[]

Prong has enhanced strength, as well as a shaker power that allows him to create spears of light that can impale people and carry them off into the horizon.[88]



A regenerator who believed he was Jesus. Combined with Carnal by Bonesaw to create the centaur-like Pagoda.[13]


Ramrod is a parahuman criminal.


Dragon described him as "a very laid back and unruffable individual" and "a calming influence" based on his psych reports.[89]


Ramrod was a criminal with a partner named Fleece. He was tracked down by police and arrested for murder with intent by the heroes. After year-long legal proceedings, both villains were both sentenced to the Birdcage, but they were broken out by Madcap before they could arrive there. The incident drove Battery to become a hero.[90]

At some point he was recaptured. He was imprisoned in the Birdcage as Prisoner 606 and was placed in Cell Block X, where he became a member of the block's inner circle.[89]


A music tinker whose sounds mutate the people through said music,[91] had a encounter with Bonesaw at one point and probably the attached slaughterhouse nine.[92]

Meglomanical type of person people would have expected to create their own endbringer.[54]


  • Rattenfänger means rat pipper as in the pied pipper of hamlin.


Illustratoin by LonSheep

Reynard was a member of the Boston Wards who wore a fox mask. A Stranger of some kind. His only appearance was meeting with some kids in a park along with some other Wards, at a community outreach event Weaver attended. Reynard likely gets his name from the European fable character Reynard, an anthropomorphized trickster fox.[93]


A parahuman whose life was taken by Glaistig Uaine he [94]

He was called the liar by Valkyrie which became his title after he joined the Flock with his resurrection, he has some changes to his form as many of the resurrected do.[95]


  • Roucouler essentially means to coo like a dove, in modern french.


A PRT tinker who built the tinker construct AI "Bitter Tuna", which went on to create its own videogame.[96]

Saving Grace[]

One of the top 50 "Whitelisters": "She keeps her powers secret, but her track record speaks for itself. If someone's held hostage, kidnapped, or if criminals took something of value to you, she can bring it back. Zero violence. The price may be steep, and she asks for a lot of references (after one contentious incident she handled marvelously, involving a custody dispute and a false kidnapping claim), but the turnaround time is quick."[97]


Changer/thinker 4. Unfolds to an immobile shelled form with multiple external brains and shelled lenses for perception and pincer limbs for basic manipulation. Member of team Moonwalkers.[98]


Teenage villain. Her father was also a parahuman and relevant enough to cause the PRT to come after him. She had a relationship with the former PRT Ward Arrowheart.[99]


Snaggletooth was a cape hired by Cradle to investigate the dream room that he and his cluster experienced every night, as they had some sort of dream based ability. Unfortunately for her, she was attacked by whatever resided in the dream room,[100] eaten by it.[101] Her body was rendered brain dead by the experience.[102]


Squint is a Thinker Cape first mentioned in Glow-worm P.1 by Point_Me_@_The_Sky.

Powers and Abilities[]

His powers and abilities consist of seeing contraband and, possibly, other hazards.


Stardust was a member of the Chicago Protectorate.


Stardust graduated from the Chicago Wards to the Chicago Protectorate three years prior to Weaver joining the Chicago Wards and died around two years later.


Stinger is a supervillain operating in California.[103]

Abilities and Powers[]

Stinger is a Tinker specializing in propulsion, mainly jetpacks and missiles.[104]


When choosing a name for Skitter, the Brockton Bay Wards considered the name Stinger before discovering that the name had already been claimed.[103]

At some point, some of Stinger's technology was confiscated by the PRT. The design was repurposed by Dragon and Defiant to create a flight pack for Weaver.[105]


Scanner is the closest to a telepath that is available in Worm. In conjunction with Clairvoyant, Doormaker and Screen he was able to read Endbringers and humans across worlds.[106] It is unknown what he is able to do on his own.


Could stave off Thinker headaches,[107] Unknown what he can do with trigger visions.


Snowfall is the leader of FEY, a group of eco-terrorists. Her powers are unknown.

She and several other members of the group, including Desert Witch, Stack Overflow, Impasse, Rabid Dog, and ten other non-costume wearing members attacked and took over the FNN Gemstone coal and nuclear facility near Tampa.

Snowfall seems to be well-meaning, but also extreme. She and her group injured several staff members at the facility, but also expressed regret and a willingness to go to jail for their crimes. She seems to believe that leaving nuclear power plants open is a recipe for disaster.[108]


Spell was a member of Auzure.

He died during the attack on Teacher's base.


Leader of a local protectorate team, who was killed by "The L" in a fight with Blue Ice. Luminary became her successor. Had a child and somehow managed to balance herowork with her family life.[109]

Subject 3016[]

Subject 3016 is a Case 53.


Subject 3016 has a shaggy beard and long, greasy hair. He mutated after drinking a Cauldron vial, with featureless gray planes in the area between his pelvis and his right foot, an area of his stomach, around an eye, and his left arm.

Abilities and Powers[]

Subject 3016 is capable of manifesting the missing parts of his body from various dimensions, resulting in more powerful attacks.

In his battle with the Number Man, Subject 3016 obliterated concrete and steel with a single attack, as if he had leveraged every possible version of himself that was in the basement and drawing them together into one coordinated strike.


He stated that he had a wife and children.

Subject 3016 was "collected" from his world by Cauldron agents, forced to drink a Cauldron vial, and contained on the fourth floor of the Cauldron headquarters.

When he attempted to escape in conjunction with subject 2990, the Number Man was alerted and stopped him.[110]


A cape in the birdcage that could generate a porcelin shell around herself. She got in the way of Ingenue succession to Blood Diamond's position, this had consequences that later led to Teacup starving to death.[111]

The Man in the Corners[]

Stranger-Brute 5. On dying, produces a duplicate who will enter the battlefield at a run from the edge, with certain rules about distance (50'+ away) and being unobserved. The original body persists only so long as it is observed. Member of team Lich Five[112]


Fought team Moonwalkers and proved very effective in combat, defeating multiple of the Moonwalkers.


One of the top 50 "Whitelisters": "Brutal, effective, and professional. He pitches himself as the kind of guy who you can hire if your neighborhood is under siege by a violent gang. He doesn't outright say it (and can't, because of site TOS), but if you read the linked news items you'll see the implicit promise that he'll hospitalize enough members of the gang that they can't continue business as usual."[113]


Two was one of the Yàngbǎn's most valuable members.[114] Her ability to magnify the powers of parahumans in close proximity - the "second path" - allowed them to magnify each others' powers when shared among them, in a feedback loop of self-reinforcement.[115] Tinkers under the effect of the field will receive a power boost to their Tinker abilities, but the results of the technology they build will not be empowered in any way.[116]


Vornehm (German for "genteel") is the leader of the German team The Meisters by the time of Gold Morning.[117]


  • 'Vornehm' is an adjective which on its own is not a typical naming choice in German.


Wieldmaiden is a member of the Guild, and the cape who successfully captured Sveta.[118]


Whimper is a parahuman that was sentenced to the Birdcage.


Whimper was sentenced to the Birdcage where he was then assigned to Block W under Marquis. He oversaw an auction between inmates over items in the supply drop. He showed Marquis three books.

Warrior Princess Kaguya[]

Striker/Shaker 7. Produces duplicates across battlefield, spaced out in rows and columns of 5'. Simultaneously awareness and movement of all duplicates.[119]


Leader of the parahuman team Moonwalkers, based in Chicago. Fought team Lich Five over an old set of Sphere's data. Won in court, but lost in the ensuing cape the team fight by Crosswise.


Tinker 5 (Parasites). Has transferred consciousness into a hardy lifeform that occupies animals, replacing their brains and gradually transforming them into twisted bipeds with tentacles threaded in and out of their bodies. Effectiveness varies depending on where he is in the cycle. Member of team Lich Five.[120]


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    I was really hoping that a measure like that would sever her connection to others, for any point in time that she woke up. - Excerpt from Pitch 6.6
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  16. 16.0 16.1 16.2 “Come, look up at me,” she told Chevalier. She put a hand at his chin, and Chort helped her, forcing Chevalier’s head up until it couldn’t move any further. Chort wore a wolf pelt with goat horns over head and shoulders, and despite being only sixteen, was strong on a level that surpassed even heroes like Alexandria. When he moved, he did so with care. To him, Chevalier was like eggshell. - Interlude 15.z II
  17. “You’re going to join me,” she told him. “You’ll be by my side, wearing armor crafted from the flesh of the Endbringers you so stupidly challenged.” - Interlude 15.z II
  18. One of Chevalier’s capes, though handcuffed, used a power to produce a circular pulse around them, extending out a hundred feet. Her Fallen were alternately pushed and pulled closer to the furrow, the hostages further away. Chort caught Christine and Ala with one arm, his fingers digging into the ground.

    Another pulse from the same cape. It threw injured and hostages across the gap, Fallen into it, or onto the other side. Only a few were secure enough or as heavy as Chevalier, and didn’t move as a consequence. - Interlude 15.z II
  19. She had been told of these things from a Ward named Sunflower, who had gone to meet a boy she had met online, and found that boy was named Elijah. He had brought her to Christine, and Christine had thanked her by arranging her a husband. A shame, that Sunflower had been stolen away by the heroes.

    As of now, she had two with her who had been brought into the fold much as Sunflower should have been. Ala and Chort. - Interlude 15.z II
  20. “It’s not real!” Chevalier bellowed, as the first few fell. She filled his mouth with the taste of bile, and the feeling of a hand reaching up his throat to grab his tongue. Still, he managed, eyes shut, his words somehow both a mumble and a shout. “Don’t move! Don’t move! That’s an order!”

    “Are you watching, Teacher?” she murmured. “Send us more soldiers. Ala, shoot them. Chort, guard us. Everyone else-!” - Interlude 15.z II
  21. Interlude 15.z II
  22. A silver blade cut through the air. Precipice’s answer to Love Lost’s scream. It hit the chains that Hookline had made, but it drew no silver lines.

    They’re protected by Hookline’s power, I thought. - Blinding 11.11
  23. PHO Sunday
  24. PHO Sunday
  25. PHO Sunday
  26. Migration 17.4
  27. Migration 17.4
  28. He’d been a friend once, or he had pretended to be, and she had let him pretend. - Interlude 10.x II
  29. “You tried to steal official data, and you put a virus on my system. Epeios’ work, I believe. I’m more insulted by the fact that you went to that hack than I am about the virus.” - Parasite 10.4
  30. From Within 16.5
  31. Radiation 18.2
  32. 32.0 32.1 “Boy and a girl. Case fifty-threes. Arizona. Peat and Fen. They showed up in a few cities, did some stunts, hero-ish. Junior level stuff. But they were juniors, we think.”

    “I know the story,” Rain said.

    “They were terrified of vehicles and they hated the idea of the PRT. They had a lot of peculiarities. They couldn’t stay in one place for long. Communities pulled together. It was a really cool thing, they’d get motel rooms paid for by fans, they had tutors come to visit. There was talk of trying to get them into the school system. It was tricky because they were tricky.”

    Rain nodded.

    “It was a really cool thing,” Sveta said. “There were blogs that followed them, and they were really positive. There was art drawn of them- I really liked that. A couple of times a week there would be articles talking about how they were doing something new and better and it was a step forward.”

    “I knew some of it,” Rain said.

    “You should know all of it. There was a time in my life when I could only vicariously enjoy those sorts of things, and I’d wake up and I’d tell myself I would check the blog after lunch and I would check the art page after dinner, and that was the sort of thing that helped me get through the days. Weld stuff was first thing. There were others. But Peat and Fen were big.”

    “I know,” Rain said.

    “They went down the wrong stretch of road and some Fallen jackasses on motorcycles thought they’d get a good reaction from people by holding the pair down and taking a chainsaw to their horns. To decorate their fucking helmets!”

    Rain nodded, averting his eyes.

    “Knife marks suggested someone tried to cut off one of their faces to wear it as a mask. You can imagine how I felt,” Sveta said. She moved her hair, showing the edge of her face, the mass of pencil-thin black tendrils behind it. “Since I’m only a mask and an assortment of lethal weapons. You can imagine how I felt, when instead of my daily pick-me up I got the news that they’d died from loss of their horns.” - Excerpt from Shade 4.7
  33. PHO Sunday
  34. Excerpt from Scourge 19.3
  35. I could see Narwhal, standing off to one side, two of the Dragon’s Teeth flanking her.  Masamune wasn’t present, but from what I knew of the guy, he wasn’t even close to being a front-lines combatant.   They’d recruited him from the ruined area of Japan, a somewhat crazed hermit, and gave him work in figuring out how to mass produce their stuff without the maintenance issues snowballing out of control, like tinker tech tended to do in large quantities.

    Thanks to him, they had the Dragon’s Teeth, they had the combat engines and they had top of the line gear for various members of the Protectorate and Wards.

    Of the other members of the Guild, the only other one who could theoretically be on the front lines of the fight would be Glyph.  I could only assume she was somewhere close. - Exerpt from Sting 26.2
  36. Comment by Wildbow on Interlude 16.x
  37. Genoscythe Changer, created scythe blades out of hands - parahumanList, bolded edit by Wildbow.
  38. Weapon Horror - Change into an amorphous horror of natural and melee weapons. Dealing damage and rampaging fills a rage bar, with the parahuman gaining additional changes and benefits while in the rage form. - Detail Generator - LIST, spreadsheet by Wildbow
  39. Psycho Gecko:
    And best of all, Genoscythe the Eyeraper survived! Woohoo! Contact lens condoms for everybody!

    He bit it. Word of god. - Conversation with Wildbow on Speck 30.6
  40. este_hombre: Other than the obvious "Genoscythe the Eyeraper"?
    Probably Clockblocker.

    Wildbow: Not a Worm cape. Fan stuff.

    ThirdFloorGreg:NuhUh. You said Word of God, no takesies-backsies!

    Wildbow: He bit it and still isn't canon. - conversation on Reddit with Wildbow
  41. PHO Sunday, Starting out on the Whitelist (Updated)
  42. What’s this crystal?” Chariot asked.

    “3D computer chip. Uses light instead of electrical current. They’re made by this Protectorate tinker down in Texas. She gets funding to produce a set number every month, in addition to her regular pay. So long as you’re in the program, you can put in an order for her stuff, with the specs you want.” - Excerpt from Sentinel 9.4
  43. Resource Tinkers
    Granholme (Tinkerings have rare crystal cores) - TINKERS 2.0, document by Wildbow.
  44. At the other end of the line, capes with short ranged abilities were getting help from Gunnery Anne, one of Advance Guard’s backline capes, who handled the training of their rookies. She added range to all abilities, turning strikers into blasters. Some Master minions even translated, rust spiders with fifty twitching, spindly limbs getting a brief touch from her before leaping hundreds of feet to where Titan Skadi was embroiled with the long glowing tendrils of a shaker effect. They offered a constant barrage of fire, point blank attacks extending for hundreds of feet to scour and carve into Oberon’s back and sides. - Excerpt from Radiation 18.6
  45. Another parahuman named Jotun died in the Battle against Leviathan.
  46. 46.0 46.1 Cell 22.2
  47. 47.0 47.1 “Jotunn was a local in Anchorage, apparently, but last year he made a stab at taking over Anchorage, trying to emulate Brockton Bay, and he failed. If I remember right, it’s part of the reason the paperwork for the department was put into motion. He was sighted in the vicinity of Fairbanks, but hasn’t been heard from in months. That leaves only…” - PRT Quest
  48. PHO Sunday
  49. “Heith.”

    Justin sighed. Heith was Fenja and Menja’s cousin and guardian, Kaiser’s first wife, killed in a turf war with the Teeth, back in the old days of Brockton Bay. She has powers after all.

    Somehow, all of this would be easier if he could believe that Theo was illegitimate. - Excerpt from Interlude 18.y
  50. Heith - Size changer protected by personal distortion field - E88 Wildbow's Parahuman List, bolded edit by Wildbow
  51. "The PRT has engaged in talks with Isango and secured promises and deals that he would maintain a territory at least 100 miles from the South African border," the PRT Director stated. "Need drives many of these warlords and their armies to desperate action and we agreed to supply them with modest medication, skilled workers, and food, to broker this peace deal. The PRT is freed to reallocate resources, and we remain confident the region will remain secure.

    Many argue the deal is too soft, especially considering the human rights violations by Isango, a mass-teleporter. Isango employs soldiers as young as 14, and has engaged in raids on hospitals, including one incident where a hospital was taken hostage and barricaded for two weeks, with civilians of the area being barred from access.
    A leading speculation is that the PRT is missing key elements for Endbringer defense, after multiple mass teleporters have died.[...] There was speculation the PRT would reach across the ocean to contact others who might be able to move defending forces, and Isango would be a suitable candidate. - Outrage over PRT Alliances with Isango. PHO Sunday
  52. “On it!” the reply came back.  There was a pause.  “Grue is four miles away!”

    “Teleporter,” [Saint] said.

    “We don’t have any that survived the last few Endbringer fights!” - Excerpt from Interlude 26.x
  53. Sveta asked about Roos, AKA ‘Jacked’, who had surgically removed his own body parts to implant hypermuscular cyborg replacements, and did just fine for himself until he got hurt in a fight. He’d left the hospital after weeks, which had been enough time for the natural degradation of tinker stuff over time to ruin his implanted parts. With broken parts he hadn’t been able to collect materials or earn cash to buy the materials, couldn’t keep up with tinkering. His health had suffered, and he’d ended up at the Asylum, trying to get stable so he could get back on his feet, literally. I told her he’d passed. Even with the hospital’s help, he hadn’t bounced back. - Excerpt from Breaking 14.11
  54. 54.0 54.1 54.2 “Someone’s doing their level best to make their own Endbringer.”


    “Yes.  There’s also any number of megalomaniac tinkers out there who might have tried something. Bonesaw, Rattenfänger, Jamestowner, Blasto, Mosaic, Monstrum, some non-tinkers like Chrysalis and Nilbog, bunch of others.” - Excerpt from Queen 18.1
  55. Jamestown{sic} Radiation blaster, could focus effects to turn individuals into docile (to him) mutants, driven largely by cannibalistic hunger and fear of being irradiated further. - Parahuman List, bolded edit by Wildbow.
  56. Snowfall may be referencing the 2007 attack carried out by Jamestowner. Brandishing his inventions, Jamestowner attacked a convoy carrying nuclear supply to a Pennsylvania nuclear facility. A year later, in September 2008, he attacked another nuclear facility in the midwest, his tinkertech distributing radiation to the surrounding area, while turning the dead, primarily animals, into mutants, a situation the PRT swiftly handled. - PHO Sunday, FEY seizes reactors, leaving Millions without power
  57. A small handful of individuals in the C.U.I. hadn’t been brought onto the group. Null, the cape who made the Yàngbǎn possible, was independent. He couldn’t be a part of the whole. Others included Tōng Líng Tǎ, who had a power that was too slow to use, not worth the fractional decrease in power that came with including her in the network, Shén yù, the strategist, and Jiǎ, the tinker that supplied the C.U.I. with its devices, including the simulations for the drills. - Excerpt from Interlude 23
  58. Jia is a simulation architect. - reddit comment by Wildbow.
  59. Beside him was Jiǎ, the imperial family’s tinker, and surely the individual who had set up the kaleidoscope effect, throwing off would-be assassins and intruders. - Excerpt from Speck 30.3
  60. Extermination 8.3
  61. Heavens 12.all
  62. 62.0 62.1 Scarab 25.6
  63. PHO Sunday
  64. Interlude 10.5
  65. Masters in the Protectorate

    Gordeox:There is also Kudzu (the duplicator in the Echidna fight) and Gallant (kind of).

    Wildbow: Yes on both counts. - Wildbow on Reddit
  66. 66.0 66.1 I was fighting a duplicator.  Another Kudzu, like the one I’d killed earlier, unless there was another Asian duplicator with a Japanese-sounding name.  She was vulnerable, but she knew how to fight.  Better than I did. - Excerpt from Scourge 19.5
  67. Kudzu Self-replication cape, clones could self-replicate. Reined in by psychological drawback. - Parahuman List, Bolded edit by Wildbow
  68. The capes caught up to her.  One murmured, “Kudzu.”

    “…s not her, Jouster,” another said. - Excerpt from Scourge 19.5
  69. Kudzu was a self-replicator. It was only a variation on her power that let her clone Echidna. - Comment by Wildbow on RPG.net
  70. Interlude 25
  71. I found members of Bonesaw’s Slaughterhouse Nine. Clones who’d fled, or who’d been left behind, lurking in dark corners, or simply hiding. A Mannequin, two Damsels that were keeping each other company, a Night Hag-Nyx hybrid, and a Crawler-Breed hybrid. - Excerpt from Speck 30.4
  72. Interlude 10.5
  73. Interlude 19.b II
  74. Interlude 19.c II
  75. PHO Sunday
  76. Wildbow: "Marie Roux is at the party, Malin the Fox is on the phone with you right now. How can I help?"
    Wildbow:"I'll have you know that I was having a very nice evening," she says.
    You realize that her voice didn't come from the phone. She's standing behind you.
    "And your husband seems to be holding his own."
    Wildbow: Malin makes her departure, disappearing literally in the blink of an eye, as Lumen closes her eye and then opens it, there is only the afterimage of Malin's life-signs in Lumen's vision, swiftly fading to nothing. - Excerpt from WD Lausanne
  77. PHO Sunday, Starting out on the Whitelist (Updated)
  78. Interlude 10.5
  79. World News: Warlord Hits Egypt​
    Parahuman warlord Neils Baru hit Europe in an unprecedented attack with minimal warning. The event might be relating to a shift in the balance of power, following recent attacks, forcing certain warlords into conflict with one another, pushing Neils Baru out of his home territory and into invasion...​​ - Department Sixty Four, PRT Quest thread i p54
  80. A small handful of individuals in the C.U.I. hadn't been brought onto the group. Null, the cape who made the Yàngbǎn possible, was independent. He couldn't be a part of the whole. - Interlude 23
  81. If I didn't think Null would rescind my powers, I'd kill you here and now.

    Reluctantly, still stewing with anger, he obeyed ... He didn't have much time before the Yàngbǎn found a free moment to contact Null and rescind his powers. Maybe they were calling already. Maybe the electromagnetic radiation in the area would block the call. - Interlude 23
  82. One - Brainwashing-capable thinker - Yangban - Parahuman list, bolded edit by Wildbow
  83. Wildbow on IRC, archived on Spacebattles
    • Major financial malfeasance (ie. using Thinker powers to scam the system)
    - Wildbow on Reddit
  84. Case four was The Player, an early Thinker mastermind who had required some greater cooperation across multiple agencies to root out. Later on, The Player would be a case-in-point for the formation of Watchdog and its core purpose. - Excerpt from Shadow 5.10
  85. Prolapse Biokinetic durability, size, touch turned individuals inside out. - parahumanList, bolded edit by Wildbow.
  86. “Yes. Or one on the far left, ox skull. Prong.”

    “Don’t know him,” I said, noting the soldier with an ox skull mask that looked like it obscured his peripheral vision, with the way the skull and his own eyes lined up. He wore a heavy coat over what might have been body armor. Bulky kevlar, not fancy costume armor panels. - Excerpt from Heavens 12.8
  87. “Brute tough, but you can wear that down. Or use Foil’s power and ignore it. Wanted to hire him once, he said no, he was busy, so fuck him. The-”

    She stopped. Her face was shiny with sweat. Rachel brushed a mittened hand over her upper face to move hair away, not really as delicate in the operation as I imagined ninety-nine percent of the population would be.

    “-The schtick is ‘you mess with the bull, get the horns’. Curved spikes of light. Spear you like a- like a spear. And carry you back and away. Impales you to a wall with one spike then stabs you ten times with the other, or he just pushes you back out and away. Extends the spike out past the horizon.” - Excerpt from Heavens 12.8
  88. 89.0 89.1 Prisoner 606, Ramrod.  Now member of Cell Block X's inner circle.  To be expected.  She'd placed him there with the idea that he would become just that.  His psych evaluation from the courtroom suggested he was a very laid back and unruffable individual.  It was her intention that he would have a calming influence on the others in his block. - Excerpt from Interlude 10.5
  89. Interlude 12.5
  90. As I’d flipped through faces like Chris and my parents, I found myself thinking of all of the various capes out there, living and dead.  Of the ones who fit categories, from cloning to flesh molding.  Blasto.  Rattenfänger‘s music.  Jerky-meat’s puppets.  Jamestowner’s radioactive mutant cannibals.  Non-options. - Excerpt from Heavens 12.5
  91. “We’re using some inspiration from Rattenfänger, a villain I[Riley] had a run in, back in the day.  Sound as a vector for biological response.  It transmits quickly, it’ll get the coverage we need…” - Excerpt from Last 20.4
  92. Drone 23.4
  93. Roucouler, the Liar.

    The little girl that was exploring the room dissipated.  A man appeared behind Ciara’s seat, his leering grin stretched into a caricature, a mockery of what he’d worn in life.  His teeth had no divides between them, making them one bony shelf, and his eyes were stretched into slants by the too-wide grin.  A cartoonish appearance.

    Roucouler leaned over the top of the chair, and she could hear his whispers, in a French accent.  He pitched his voice to distinguish between the two. - Excerpt from Teneral e.1
  94. “She has good taste in minions. [...] Some cute guys in there who look like they have dark senses of humor.  Did you see the guy with the red costume and the wide smile?  You have to love a guy who can smile in the shittiest circumstances.”

    “I think that’s Roucouler the Liar.  And I think the smile is built in.” - Excerpt from Dying 15.6
  95. PHO Sunday, Aleph-Bet games Exchange & Update, Summer 2012
  96. PHO Sunday, Starting out on the Whitelist (Updated)
  97. PHO Sunday
  98. PHO Sunday
  99. Interlude 5d II
  100. Heavens 12.f
  101. Heavens 12.2
  102. 103.0 103.1 "Stinger, Pestilence?" Vista suggested.

    Clockblocker spun himself around in the chair and punched the names into the computer, "Taken.  Stinger is some villain in California with power armor, a jetpack and homing missiles, and Pestilence is a creepy psycho in London."

    "Skitter?" Gallant put the name out there.

    There was a clatter of keys as Clockblocker checked, "It's not taken." - Interlude 3
  103. Stinger / Tinker specializing in propulsion, mainly jetpacks and missiles.- Parahuman List, bolded edit by Wildbow
  104. The wings are a modification of technology that was confiscated from a cape called Stinger.  Missile themed, not wasps and bees.  They've got a venting-exhaust system we repurposed. - Drone 23.5
  105. ‘Scanner’ and ‘Screen’. Not hers. Teacher’s students. Loaners, part and parcel of her ‘payment’ for Khonsu.
    And with Scanner, she could read them. Draw conclusions as to their thoughts, their brain patterns. - Excerpt from Interlude 28
  106. ‘Scanner’ and ‘Screen’. Not hers. Teacher’s students. Loaners, part and parcel of her ‘payment’ for Khonsu.
    But the drawbacks made it impossible for her to use the service.

    Until now.

    Screen was a means of absorbing the drawbacks, allowing communication between the people in two-six-five’s network. He took the brunt of the images, allowed her to focus more readily, a router of sorts. He allowed Doormaker to handle requests without it taking her attention off what she was viewing. It meant the Doctor was lucid, recovering with every second.

    She could spy on everyone. - Excerpt from Interlude 28
  107. PHO Sunday, FEY seizes reactors, leaving Millions without power
  108. PHO Sunday
  109. Interlude 21.x
  110. Blood Diamond had had an accident. The only reasons she could find for her own nomination to Blood Diamond’s position managing the girliest end of the girl’s side of the prison were her sweet disposition and the fact nobody else wanted the job.

    Well… Love Bite had wanted it, but Love Bite had her head torn from her shoulders. Teacup had wanted it, but Teacup had had her porcelain armor torn off, her head shaved, and her tongue torn out. No boys had even been involved in Teacup’s demise, whether the demise was marked at that point she lost her tongue and nearly died of blood loss or when she carried out a hunger strike and died of dehydration. - Excerpt from Interlude 15.y II
  111. PHO Sunday
  112. PHO Sunday, Starting out on the Whitelist (Updated)
  113. Two’s power enhanced other powers. Refracted throughout the Yàngbǎn, it was what allowed them to have sixty powers at one fifth of the strength instead of sixty at one sixtieth. - Excerpt from Speck 30.3
  114. He felt a rush, just being part of the unit. Being a part of a maneuver that let them cut through a burning ruin of a building with the ease they had.

    Some of that rush, he knew, was the second path. Magnification of powers. Two wasn't present, she was too valuable to risk losing, but they still shared her power between them. Each of them had a sliver of her ability to enhance the powers of those nearby. It was the reason their powers worked to the degree that they did, a feedback loop in power augmentation across their whole unit. - Interlude 23
  115. Crushed 24.4
  116. King of Hearts was the only person of any meaningful rank who spoke the same language I did and who wasn’t mobilizing to leave. The leader of the Meisters, Vornehm, was giving orders in German. A scary-looking Master class cape with an army of clay men carrying tinker weapons was ordering other people around with the same harsh voice he was commanding his own troops. - Excerpt from Venom 29.1
  117. Interlude 13.z
  118. Warrior Princess Kaguya (WPK) - Striker/Shaker 7. Produces duplicates across battlefield, spaced out in rows and columns of 5'. Simultaneously awareness and movement of all duplicates. Tagged: Ideologue (Moon), Mercenary, Leader, PR. 484 ASK. - Excerpt from PHO Sunday, Capeball Breakdown: Moonwalkers v. Lich Five
  119. PHO Sunday