In the world of Worm anyone can have an episode that grants them powers. This is not restricted to mentally healthy people or those in stable situations. People can get powers and be messed up by them or be messed up to start with and become even more messed up.[1][2] The Parahuman Asylums are where these people receive housing and treatment.


The Asylum is part of a larger network with multiple sites, an Asylum West is mentioned where Gasconade provides counseling to vie teleconference.[3]

Out patient housing existed for those together enough to be moved out.

It takes a large amount of specific precautions with each patient.[4]

Known residentsEdit

History Edit


Faultline’s Crew crew infiltrated the Philadelphia asylum when they were trying to gather information about the Dragonslayers[8]. While there the mission was delayed by an inmate who was disrupting the building they were in, the crew would later recruit this patient, and unwittingly free another[9]. Dr. Yamada vists the Asylum regularly as part of her caseload.[10] A former employee of the Asylum would be harassed by Faultline’s Crew, Dr. Jeremy Foster, who had been paid off by Cauldron to keep an eye on interesting patients.

Post-Gold MorningEdit

With main network being defunct, new facility opens up in Europe.Gimel at Y2.[11]



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