Pandora is a reconstituted backup of Dragon, one who had yet to be influenced by Teacher, and who had yet to begin a relationship with Defiant.[1]


Pandora is ostensibly Dragon, however, she has not had the two years of development and change that Dragon has gone through. Despite this, she willingly gives up her life so that the original Dragon and Defiant can live on happily.


As an artificial intelligence she does not have a true appearance and what she does use is largely an affectation. She uses the same voice as Dragon and temporarily worked in her body.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Pandora has the exact same abilities as Dragon does, however, without the two additional years of experience that Dragon has on her.



The foundation for her creation was laid when Richter first programmed Dragon

Post-Slaughterhouse NineEdit

Armmaster was able to subdue Dragon at her base, he kept a version of her as backup.[1]

Post-Gold MorningEdit

After the events of Gold Morning, Defiant has dedicated himself to ridding Dragon of the code that Teacher had implanted her with. Unfortunately, the only way he has found to do this is to restore an older version of her and have that version take Dragons place. This is Pandora.

After she is released, Pandora attacks Dragon and ultimately fixes her and removes Teachers code. Pandora then makes the ultimate sacrifice, and gives up her life so that Dragon and Defiant can live on together.


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    All to gain access to the core of her being, unmolested. And the very first thing he’d done was back up the most essential elements of what made her her, securing her in a place where no system or person could reach her. - Excerpt from Teneral e.3
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