Amy Claire Dallon, or Panacea, is a parahuman with the ability to reconfigure biology with a touch, who was adopted as a child by Carol Dallon and New Wave.


Panacea felt a gnawing sense of guilt, as every second she took to herself was a second where she was not helping other people, but at the same time growing to resent her patients.[5][6]

Like her absent biological father, she held herself to a strong code that governed her behavior and use of her power.[7] She refused to kill using her power or interfere with human minds, even to heal them. Breaking these guiding tenets caused her considerable mental stress.

Amy felt extremely lonely; her adoptive mother, Carol Dallon, never really wanted her and treated her coldly and suspiciously,[8] while her adoptive father, Mark Dallon, suffered from clinical depression and found it difficult to look after her. The only person who consistently showed her affection was her sister, Victoria Dallon.

She also felt a strong attraction to Victoria, possibly as a result of constant exposure to her sister's awe-inducing aura at a formative stage..[9] Although she kept this a secret, fearing that it would ruin their relationship, it caused her to feel extreme jealousy towards Victoria's boyfriend Gallant.

As a result of these various sources of stress, Amy was "steadily crumbling" at the start of Worm.[10]


Panacea is an admittedly powerful cape that has already drawn international attention.[11] As such she was targeted by various nefarious organizations.


Victoria DallonEdit

Amy loves her sister dearly, this may have been influenced by the effect of her adoptive sister's emotional aura.[9] In a moment of weakness, she changed Victoria's brain chemistry to reciprocate her romantic feelings. She was prevented from correcting her mistake due to her sister's understandable revulsion to the idea.[12]

Her attempts to fix things only making things worse.

When she was placed in the Birdcage, Amy got her first tattoo in remembrance of her crime against Victoria.[13]

She eventually was able to fix Victoria,[14] but their relationship was irreparably damaged.


Following the Battle at the Bank, she had a deep-seated dislike of Tattletale stemming from her attempts to manipulate her.[5][10][15]

Amy did not like her at all, and considered her the sole cause of her life unraveling, to the exclusion of other factors.

Taylor HebertEdit

It is unknown if they actually trusted each other. Amy ultimately appreciates the fact that Taylor attempted to help her during her breakdown, even if she didn't succeed.[16]


Amy is described as "mousy" with frizzy brown hair and freckles. Her similarity to the father is very obvious.[17]

As Panacea, Amy wore a robe with a large hood and a scarf that covered the lower half of her face. The robe was alabaster white and had a medic’s red cross on the chest and the back.[18]

Because of the Siberian's tests, she lost several joints of her fingers,[19][20], later she restored them[21]. During her time in the birdcage, she would acquire several tattoos as mementos to her life before the birdcage. She also had a growth spurt, and Taylor described the result as not attractive but not unattractive.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Amy is a biokinetic with an innate understanding of, and the ability to modify, the biology of any living organism she touches. This is not limited to humans but encompasses all carbon-based life based on what is seen in the story. For much of her life, Amy primarily restricted her use of the power to healing. She was one of the greatest healers in the world.[22]

She has demonstrated the ability to render parts of a person's body numb and threatened to give Skitter time-delayed obesity or to make everything she ate taste like bile for the remainder of her life.

Her power was too slow to be much use on Leviathan.[23] It took her "some time" to modify tissues for transplant to avoid rejection.[24][25] Any changes she makes are not immediate.

Amy is capable of modifying brains. For a long time, she had a firm rule against it, fearing what may happen once she crosses this line.[26] Changes she does make are deep and not easily corrected compared to other master effects.[12]. According to Amy any attempt of neural diagnostics also puts her into the state of, at least, partial shared consciousness.[27]

Weaver compared her in power to Contessa, Glaistig Uaine or Labyrinth.[4] She had what Glaistig Uaine called the "shaper" faerie, which she claimed was on a par with her own and the Queen Administrator, and would "clean up after we are all done here, one way or another".[28][29] Her shard was a bud from Marquis'.[29][30][31] She was not related to Bonesaw.[32]

She was capable of modifying life into entirely new organisms:

  • Scramble[33][34] and Relay bugs[35][36] to interact with Skitter's power.
  • Atlas
  • A coffin-like "cocoon" filled with clear liquid for an injured Glory Girl.[37]
  • Pheromones that attracted stray dogs and cats.[38]
  • An airborne plague.[39]
  • A contagious parasite that counteracted Bonesaw's own parasite derived miasma-mist effect.[37]
  • Khepri



Amelia was born to a woman who had had a onetime tryst with the Marquis of Brockton Bay, her mother found out she was pregnant and raised her daughter from there. After her mother found out she had cancer she checked on the father; deeming him acceptable she sent Amelia to live with the father.[40] She was raised in Brockton Bay from there.[41]

During the Brockton Bay Brigade's battle against Marquis, the Brigade discovered his daughter hiding in the closet. Brandish and Flashbang adopted her to keep her safe from the media and those who would exploit her due to the high chance of her manifesting superpowers. This was requested by Marquis.[41] Amy's first memory may well have been coming to an unfamiliar home with strangers.

Amy was a quiet, unassuming kid without any particular passions. Despite that, as a kid of known superheroes she was welcomed in the circle of elite students. She had not displayed interest to this either.[42]

Panacea triggered two years before the story began,[43] when Glory Girl was injured by a gang, called the Chorus, attacking a mall.[10] She would visit hospitals for two or three hours at a time every evening, curing people. Sometimes she would visit again during the night because she couldn't sleep.[5]

Her power meant she was granted an honorary medical license.[44] She was not able to do as much as she could with her abilities due partially to rules governing the exploitation of minors.[2]

Story StartEdit

She was called in to heal Lung after he was poisoned by an unidentified Parahuman and Armsmaster claimed credit.[45]

Glory Girl called Panacea in to heal a suspect she had injured in a fight. The two argued about Victoria's use of excessive force, but she eventually acquiesced. She helped her sister interrogate the man.[18]

Amy was present for the Battle at the Bank without her costume; she briefly incapacitated Skitter by interfering with the feedback she received from her bugs. At one point, Tattletale threatened to expose her secrets in front of Glory Girl.

Afterwards, she healed the Wards of any injuries they had and told them of her observations regarding Tattletale's power to help them in future fights.[5]

When Leviathan came to Brockton Bay, she was presumably held back at the secure location such as the Hospital.


She healed a lot of injured parahumans in hospital following Leviathan's attack. One of them was Skitter, the girl who was part of the bank robbing team. Amy messed with her verbally while repairing her injuries and then left her alone despite the scared villains protestations,[46] She was there when the villain turned out to been a "hero".

Weeks later Amy was chosen as Bonesaw's nominee for the Slaughterhouse Nine. She was forced to break a number of her rules, and in her distress, she modified her sister's mind to be attracted to her.[47]

Panacea was hunted by the Siberian who bit off a joint of her finger for each time the beast women caught the healer. After Glory Girl was injured by Crawler, she encased her sister in a biological pod made from stray cats and dogs.[37]

She modified Glory Girl to the point she lost track of what she was supposed to look like. The result was possibly inspired by something she saw during her trigger event.[48]

Post-Slaughterhouse NineEdit

She voluntarily goes to the Birdcage.[49]

There she met her father and saw Lung again. She attended a meeting with the cell block leaders of the birdcage and shook hands with the Fairy Queen.

Together they figured out what was really going on with the Passengers.

Gold MorningEdit

Panacea was one of the prisoners released from the Birdcage.[50]

Amy made victory possible by modifying Taylor into Khepri. Khepri largely left her alone,[51], although several people were sent to her for healing.

After these events, Amy was reunited with her sister.[14]


Amy tried to go to a family reunion that did not go well. When she tried to follow her sister she was almost attacked.[52]

Panacea was still assisting The Wardens by overseeing Riley's work, like the maintenance of Ashley's hands.[53] She is still uncertain where she is heading in the new world. While her sister was in the same building as she was, Amy ended up meeting a new friend.[54]

Post-Fallen fallEdit

According to Dot, Amy provided help for other survived goblins.[55]

Amy continued making ill-advised friends, and brought some heat on the Breakthrough.

She was able to easily identify Chris Elman as Lab Rats successor. Chris convinced her to give him an opportunity to act.[56]

Once Goddess was subjected to sudden, but inevitable betrayal, Amy usurped her army of villains and departed with them as the Red Queen of Shin.

Post-Time Bubble PopEdit

Leaders of Earth Shin, while still being extremely wary of parahumans, allowed Red Queen to settle on the Alleghenian Ridge with strict conditions.

Amy used her powers to "fix" ex-villains that followed her to Earth Shin, as well as local warlords. And, later, victims of capes, which led to her slipping up and mutilating a kid from the new Parahuman Asylum.[57]

Using the situation resulted from power posturing of Shin rulers, Amy forced Victoria into private meeting.[58]


  • Panacea was the name of the Greek goddess of universal remedy, from which the word and concept "panacea" is derived. The panacea was said to be a substance that cured all diseases and granted eternal life.
  • "Red Queen" is reminiscent of an event in the sequel to Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. It is referenced in turn by the Red Queen evolutionary hypothesis, which perceives the evolution as mostly a rat race.
  • Amy and Victoria were considered early on as protagonists for a story called 'Guts and Glory'. The story would have alternated between each of their perspectives on a chapter by chapter basis and covered many of the same events that were covered in Worm.
    • The character was named Annie in early drafts of Worm, but was changed to Amy prior to the publication of Interlude 2.[59]
    • In early drafts of Worm, Amy triggered when Glory Girl was injured by the Slaughterhouse Nine[10].

Fanart GalleryEdit


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