Pagoda was one of Bonesaw's creations.


One half of Pagoda was Carnal, a tough healer who healed more by bathing himself in blood. The other was Prophet, a cape who Bonesaw described as "convinced he was Jesus reborn." He was also a regenerator.[1]


Pagoda resembled a centaur, with the lower half being a large, muscled man and the top half, upper body growing from where the lower man's head should have been, a thin man with long, greasy hair and beard[1].

Abilities and PowersEdit

Pagoda healed almost anything done to him extremely rapidly, almost as fast as Panacea was able to inflict damage with her power. His brain didn't feel pain properly. He was immune to most Master effects, because he was being directly controlled by a metal framework inside his body.

Should he ever escape Bonesaw's control, his regeneration was to be put into reverse by an apparatus near his heart, killing him.[1]



Combined from two pseudo-healers.


Bonesaw got Panacea to help her name Pagoda, then forced her to kill the creature using her power.


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