The Brockton Bay PRT Headquarters, which also served as the local Wards Base. A shield logo bearing the letters ‘P.R.T.' is attached to the front. The exterior was all windows[1] which were barred.[2][3] The doors were bulletproof glass. [4]


Located in the Downtown section of Brockton Bay,[1] near Arcadia High School.[5] It was on Lord Street 30 minutes walk from Dolltown.[4]


The PRT headquarters had a helipad on its roof[6], and a parking garage which housed the containment vans and armored vehicles, as well as Armsmaster's motorcycle.[7] There was a small hospital attached.[8][9]

Inside the building were several different locations (some of which matched a modern police station). There was at least one classroom,[10] several interrogation rooms,[11] an armory, and a training area.[12]

The lobby had a tour guide waiting at the front desk who would take people on regular tours (see below.) PRT officers stood guard.[12] There were large, framed portraits of the Wards on the walls.[13] The windows to the lobby were bulletproof glass.[14] There was a gift shop selling Protectorate and Wards merchandise attached to the lobby, separated by glass walls. It jutted out from the wall of the lobby at an angle. The gift shop had it's own exit.[15][12]

There was a generator buried deep within the building to prevent an enemy from cutting the power.[14]

The computers in the base were maintained by Dragon.[16][17] They had internal batteries to deal with power cuts, and a satellite link to the PRT database.[14] They had glass screens which made them vulnerable to Shatterbird's power.[18]

There were underground holding cells designed to hold parahumans, accessible by stairs or elevator.[11] One type was the 6' by 6' E-type containment cell. It had drones built into the ceiling and walls that could deliver electric shocks,[19] CCTV cameras, and hidden containment foam dispensers. A screen was set into the wall. There was also a bed, toilet and shower; the screen displayed a warning before the CCTV cameras were activated. The walls were a foot and a half thick, and the doors looked tinker-made. Everything was covered in steel, reinforced and sealed twice over.[11]

Wards BaseEdit

The Wards headquarters is a large underground domed area with easy to adjust and movable walls, accessed via a tinker-made elevator. These can be used to rearrange things if need be for new quarters.[12]

It's located a floor below the cells.[20] The elevator requires a retinal scan.[14][12] It was also possible to access the Wards base from the lobby via the stairs.[16]


There were two different tours available of the PRT HQ. One showed only the PRT facilities, while the other (which took place every two hours) showed the Wards base as well.[12]



After there were issues with reporters taking pictures of injured heroes leaving hospital, Director Piggot arranged for the attached hospital to be built so there heroes could travel to and from the PRT building discretely.[9]


It was damaged by the Endbringer battle, and was slated for renovations.[15] Following the fight, the building was closed to the public, and the portraits of the Wards who perished in the fight were reprinted in black and white and set up as a shrine.[13]

The Undersiders attacked the PRT HQ and stole valuable data, battling the Wards and Dragon.[21][14][16][15]

Armsmaster was incarcerated on the second floor from the top as part of his sentence while he continued to work on his Tinker inventions. Until Mannequin paid a visit.[22]

Post-Slaughterhouse NineEdit

After the windows were destroyed by Shatterbird's attack, they were replaced by screens and plywood.[23]

While they were being harassed by a group of Dragon suits, the Undersiders and Travellers attacked the PRT Headquarters, kidnapping Director Piggot.[23]

The Undersiders allowed themselves to be taken into custody at the PRT HQ while the heroes verified the existence of Echidna. Echidna contacted the heroes there and attempted to bargain.


Skitter and Bitch attacked some vans outside the PRT HQ to send a message after the PRT revealed Skitter's secret identity, battling Dovetail and Adamant. Skitter deliberately left her swarm of bugs inside the building, to embarrass and annoy the PRT.[24] Skitter visited the PRT HQ and surrendered. She was interrogated and held in one of the holding cells there. Kid Win constructed drones that helped clear most of her bugs away.

The press conference announcing Weaver's debut was held outside the PRT building.


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