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Date posted 2014-2015
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PRT: Department Sixty-Four is a Worm Quest by Wildbow.


PRT: Department Sixty-Four is a story where Dan Seneca is given the job of Director at the PRT's branch in Anchorage, Alaska. Wildbow took input from users on Spacebattles forum when creating it, allowing them to influence the protagonist.

Index of Posts Edit

Week One: North:
Tuesday: Director, "I was in the FBI", Meet the Team, Meet Feint, Villain Files
Wednesday: Dawn of the Second Day, 64 vs Tuurngait, An Uneventful Afternoon, Lunch with Horizon, Meeting with Rail and Roulette
Thursday: The Third Day, Bratva Meeting, Tuguska Interrogation, Interrogation Aftermath
Friday: Meet the Mayor
Saturday: Strategy Meeting, 64 in a year?, Police Chief, Director Down

Week Two: Interpersonal Relations:
Monday: Paperwork,Feint's Parents, The Skinner
Tuesday: Meet Tanya, Feint's Gambit, Momo's Warning
Wednesday: Paperwork: the Son of Paperwork
Interlude: Nefarious Plots
Wednesday (continued): Lunch with Rail + Talking to Tanya, Fairbanks Files
Thursday: Meet Jed, Feint's School Problem
Friday: Feint Psych + Roulette Compromised, Roulette Debrief, Fairbanks Reinforcements + Clay Arrives, Fairbanks Reinforcements Sent, Dredge Interrogation
Saturday: Prepping for the Fundraiser + Jed and Seneca

Week Three: Elite Behavior:
Monday: The Fundraiser: One; Two; Three
Tuesday: Aftermath: Winny; Aftermath
Wednesday: PDI Introduction + The Tuurngait Peace Branch
Thursday: Meet Irwin + Upperhand
Friday: Jed and Rail + Laboratory Options
Interlude: Status Report
Friday (continued): Derian Interrogation
Saturday: Hunting Plans

Week Four: Spread Thin:
Monday: Absence, Squaddie Quest: 1, Squaddie Quest: 2
Tuesday: Squaddie Quest: 3 (never posted)


  • PRT Quest is only partially canon,[1][2] having taken place as a future seen by Roulette, who wrote down as much as she could before slipping into a coma.[3]
  • Originally made by Wildbow to show how difficult the job of being a PRT Director actually was.

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  1. It is not true canon. Some of the core cast of characters can be considered ‘true’ Wormverse characters, but it’s best not to consider it as Parahumans history. - FAQ
  2. Periastron & some of the other PRT Quest villains were player-generated via. the early Weaverdice system, and were consequently somewhat broken. I don't count PRT Quest in canon, really, or only ambiguously, for much this reason.Archived on Spacebattles
  3. PRT Quest is canon [but] the events of the PRT Quest never happened. It was all a vision that Roullette saw and [the vision] put her in a coma, though not before writing down as much as she could. - Archived on Spacebattles
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