Orchard is a duo of biology-altering supervillains and human traffickers.

Modus operandiEdit

Orchard runs a business in which they alter abductees into made to order slaves, permnanetly changing their body and mind.[1][3] They carried out a reprehensibly diverse field of commissions over the years, using to profits to sustain themselves.[4]


They work together in a mutual partnership.[5][1] It is unknown what their wider support structure is, if any.

PRT ResponseEdit

Their 'trademark' abduction and mutilations made them priority targets for them and affiliated groups.[1]



Boston GamesEdit

Came to Boston at a time when control of the city was up in the air.[1]

Story StartEdit

At some point they left Boston, likely moving after capes coming after them led to some injuries.[4]


They were still active and considered a threat by Tattletale, possibly coming to Brockton Bay.[2]

Gold MorningEdit

The duo survived the event.

Post-Time Bubble PopEdit

Orchard was still active and on The Wardens' wanted list.[6]

They were also targeted by Foresight, and had had dealings with Big Picture in the past.[7]

The pair were successfully captured by the joint efforts of the Wardens and Foresight. Victoria Dallon offered Mr. Bough a deal; better accommodations if a project was completed.[8] As the project was successfully completed the accommodations were likely provided.[9]


Name Description
Mr. Bough One who alters the body
Mr. Drowsing One who alters the mind


  • Orchard does not have an article 'The' included in the teams name, as is the norm for Parahumans media.


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