Nyx is a Case 53 and a member of the Slaughterhouse Nine.


Nyx has pale red skin, overlarge black eyes and vents along her hairline, vents were also present on her neck and back as well as down the backs of her arms.[1] She also has a small Cauldron emblem tattooed on her face like a beauty mark.[2]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Nyx has the ability to release poisonous gas from the vents on her body which she forms into solid shapes that move at her will. If she chooses to release it or you break the shape it releases the gas. At best the gas will knock a person out, at worst it can cause permanent brain damage and organ failure. She also seems limited in how much gas she can produce.[3] Presumably she has some form of Manton Effect that protects her from the effect of her power but this is unconfirmed.

A young instance of her was adroit enough with her gas to create illusions inside of illusions.[2] The original Nyx was likely more skilled and may have had a stronger connection to her passenger.[4][5] Another could overlay disguises on others, with the illusions mimicking what the covered individual was doing.[6]



Nyx, and her twin sister Nix both took Cauldron vials,[7] presumably as part of tests with capes with identical DNA, like Fenja and Menja. Only Nix had viable powers, while Nyx became a "monstrous cape". It appears that Nyx was released into the world as another Case 53, while Nix was allowed to continue her life as normal.

Nyx would later become one of the founding members of the Slaughterhouse Nine.[8]


Several clones of Nyx were created by Bonesaw, as well as one Hybrid as part of The Slaughterhouse Nine-Thousand.

One Nyx was incinerated by Crucible.[9] two were killed by Contessa.[10]

Golem killed another Nyx who had disguised several important members of the Nine as less important ones.[6]

The rest was presumably destroyed in the fighting.

The hybrid survived into Gold Morning.



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    The boy pounded one hand on the forcefield. “Please!”

    “I’ll let him out,” Crucible said.

    I hesitated, holding up a hand.

    No. Not enough grounding to say for sure. I let my hand drop.


    I was about to give the go-ahead, but Tattletale’s voice came over the comm. “That’s Nyx you’re looking at. Her range is too short, she’d have to be in the building, and she’s too distinctive looking to pass in a crowd.”

    I stared at the teenage boy. I’d almost said he could leave.

    “Last chance, Nyx,” I told the ‘boy’. “Last words? Share a juicy tidbit?”

    The ‘boy’ faded away. An illusion in an illusion. It was only a woman with pale red skin, overlarge black eyes and vents along her hairline, the back of her neck and down the backs of her arms. A fog seeped out from the holes. A small Cauldron emblem was tattooed on her face like a beauty mark. - Excerpt from Sting 26.3
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    “Not that easy,” Weaver said. “Maybe he knows we know, and it’s a double-bluff.”


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